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Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary Quickies

by Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary Quickies

Here are some quick Project Sanctuary patterns for you to try or to stimulate ideas of what you can do in Sanctuary! Enjoy! :-)

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary

Quick Stories & Patterns

Here are a few short stories and quick patterns of "Project Sanctuary Happenings" just to give you some ideas what you can do with this rather amazing process.

These things aren't "thought out" but they HAPPEN SPONTANEOUSLY when one plays with and in the Project Sanctuary realms - which make them interesting, spontaneous, exciting and always highly personal.

Jupiter | Sunrise | Hot Handed Alien | Message In A Bottle | Snow Globe Remedy | Valentine's Day | Fluttering Demon | Spirit Food | Magnetic Sand | Beauty Potions | Temple Of Light | Easter Egg |


The Jupiter Power/Wealth Pattern

I was thinking about wealth/power meditations this morning, and I must have asked slightly the wrong question in the context because what I got delivered there in an instant was WAY over the top for what I was working with.

However, it is immensely cool so by all means, have a go.

You are Jupiter, and as you realise this, you begin to expand and grow.

Around your feet, lakes and then entire oceans pool, and you grow straight up and through the clouds, becoming absolutely HUGE.

When your head is above the clouds and brushing the stratosphere, you can FEEL the powerful and abundant, firy energy of the entire Universe beginning to flow into you, to rush into you and when it fills you to overflowing, you raise your hands and lightning strikes!

And where your gaze rests, your lightning strikes, and it brings the spark of life to barren planes; it brings great fountains of water up from the earth; it cauterizes and clears away debris and toxic pollution; it raises great mountains and green islands from the sea.

This is your power. Enjoy.

Reshape the land to your perfection.

When you are done, dissolve and by all means, enjoy the fruit of these your labours through your senses and in any way you choose.





In this pattern, we evoke a sunrise of a very specific energy.

To paraphrase, this energy was needed to learn something new, to blow away all the old misconceptions about the NATURE of that kind of energy, literally blow old thoughtfields OUT of the energy system, and to use this to heal injuries and re-charge the systems all over.

I was just thinking how wonderful that was and it occurred to me that the sunrise could be for ANY form of energy one might like to experience like that, and if you understand EmoTrance, so much the better.

In the abstract form that is content free, the pattern would be like this.

1. Find yourself on an eternal, clear, wide, infinite plane (no landscape or other definition).

2. Turn towards the far horizon where you can already see the shimmer in the sky that tells you that there will be a sunrise soon.

3. This sunrise will be of an essential and pure energy of your choice*.

4. Get ready for the moment when this energy will burst over the horizon; drop your shields, release your fears, relax and prepare yourself to really open up to this event.

5. When you are ready, allow this energy sun to rise and flood the entire plane and you with this vibration, powerfully, all encompassing, through and through.

6. Turn if you will, or fly and dance with this energy source as required until it has entirely completed the transformation for you.

7. Land back on the original plane and let the sun set, the stars come up and that's a good time to take a rest and sleep, and let all those things settle in their new positions, the experiences, the learnings, the healing and the re-charging and rejuvenating of your energy system.

* Energy of choice: Could be anything YOU really want to have shine upon you and help you with your personal transformation and evolution. Abstract like a colour or frequency; something elemental like earth, water, wind and fire; something essential like joy or hope, or wealth or love.

You can also let your energy mind choose just what this sunrise should be about and allow yourself to be surprised. That would be one of my favourite choices.

This is a super pattern, very beautiful, feels amazing to do and I'm really delighted that I discovered this today, thanks to Nicola!

Multi-frequency sunrises to all,


Silvia Hartmann 2005



The Hot Handed Alien

You might have heard that I had a bad attack of mysterious sciatica over the weekend. It just came from nowhere, so it seemed, and I kept giggling about the German name for this which is "Witch Shot" - Hexenschuss. Being shot by a witch. Who knows, perhaps I was!

But anyway, sciatica is a weird thing, it really hurts, like toothache, only in your muscles, in your back and legs and it sort of paralyses you as well so movement is both difficult and painful.

I like to sleep such things off, and crawled upstairs to bed, straight to Sanctuary, of course.

I made my autogenic (Sanctuary) body to be exactly the same as I was feeling at the time; so there I was, in my rooms in the Guild House in Pertineri, lying on the bed face down, groaning just the same.

I sent Max out to find me a healer or masseur, and off he went, to return a little while later with a truly weird looking alien, like a big blue onion on short, stubby legs, with four tentacly, non-jointed arms that terminated in paddles instead of fingers, and they were sort of pink-red in colour, like duck's feet Smile

And my, were the alien's "hands" hot!

It was completely delicious as he covered my lower back with these soft paddles, and they vibrated too. The alien made small circular movements and I just fell blissfully asleep, right away.

I slept soundly, there cannot have been any pain to wake me up with sleep movements, and woke up, feeling much better, more movement and less pain, and I know this is on the mend now.

Thanks, hot handed alien!

And this guy is for hire, if anyone else needs a really superb massage anywhere right now Smile

Happy warm waves,

SFX Smile

Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle - would you like to receive one? Would you like to send one?

Here is a perfectly simple, perfectly enchanting Project Sanctuary pattern that can lead to many other things ...

Message In A Bottle

I was checking something and saw the words:

"As an author, you write this important message. You put it in a bottle and it multiplies and floats away but usually, you don't get to know *what* it does out there."

I just read over this and thought, hm ...

Quite without my mind's command, a scene of strange qualities came to me - a universal ocean into which you can put "messages in a bottle".

That is a particular form of seeking help, assistance or contact, quite unlike wishing or asking for or whatever. I do believe there is something energetic going on when you *do* that message in a bottle thing.

It's just a thought but what might your message in a bottle be for and, more fascinating still, just *who* might pick it out anywhere at all along the multiple shorelines of the universal ocean which extends into all these many dimensions?

Message In A Bottle - Sending A Message

1. Stand at the shores of the universal ocean. What is it like today?
2. You have your bottle. What is it like?
3. You have your message paper/medium. What is that and how does it work?
4. What message will you send? Create your message, seal it, etc.
5. Throw the bottle into the ocean when you are ready.

Message In A Bottle - Inverse

1. Stand or walk at the shores of any sea, any ocean. What is this like, today?
2. As you walk along, you spot a bottle on the shore. What is it like?
3. You pick up the bottle, open it and extract the message.
4. What is going on? Who sent it, and what happens next?
5. Respond to the message in an appropriate manner Smile

SFX 2003/2004

Snow Globe Remedy

A quick little strange thing.

I was lying in bed, thinking about an old bugging thing that had a specific trauma origin associated with a building in a landscape.

I wondered what to do with that and all happily snuggled up and very relaxed, was in no frame of mind to burst into some major energy healing or tapping or whatever.

"What am I supposed to do with that damned memory?" I thought in an exasperated fashion, but forgot when asking that that I was already in that usual drifty place where when I ask things, I get an answer - LOL.

So the memory image folded itself up and turned into a snow globe, all by itself, I was just watching this. It even shook itself to make the sparkly bits float and fly - that made me chuckle.

Next I thought, now am I to throw that over my head like in the normal Snow Globe thing?

But then it did this interesting thing whereby it made itself smaller, and smaller, became the size of a small pill or pearl (with every aspect still in perfect proportion!) then it flew into my mouth and I swallowed it.

That made me giggle and produced a strange feeling all the way down to my stomach, then I must have fallen asleep.

What an interesting idea on the topic of magical remedies!

I had some reservations about "eating the trauma globe" when I thought about it later, but then it occurs to me that this is a format of homeopathy - like curing like.

Also it was so fast and elegant, automatic, that it can't have been a mistake - that's what it wanted to do and it felt good.

Thought I'd mention it because it was so unusual and interesting.

SFX 2004


Valentine's Day In Sanctuary

I had an amusing occasion today where someone asked me what I was planning for Valentine's day.

Now I don't have a "hard boyfriend" <g> at this time but I didn't even think about it, that didn't even turn up.

I just answered quite honestly that I wasn't going to say anything much about it or make a big deal but just suggest to Lucian to go for a ride later on. It's nice, stimulating, intimate somehow and very romantic. Especially when you get somewhere quiet and dismount eventually ...

It wasn't until the person was astonished that I was going riding in Sussex during a storm in February that I got it that I was talking Sanctuary and the person was thinking Hard.


I just smiled and said, "It's sort of a metaphor, you know ..." and the person nodded sincerely and wandered off.

It's a fascinating thing.

Having a Sanctuary relationship, as I do, is usually a sign of mental illness or reality withdrawal. Only it really doesn't seem to work like that anymore for me. No withdrawal of any kind, and the planes function side by side quite interestingly.

Before I made a decision to make the planes count for the same, and accord the same weight to the hard and energetic realms in all ways, I used to feel left out of things like Valentine's Day if I didn't "have" a lover at the time, and miserable.

This way round, it's a romantic love celebration event and it's nice to be in that field, that tingling sense of romance and delight. Very pleasant, very relaxing and even stimulating.

How much more pleasant is that and healthy even than sitting around with massive reversals, shuddering and going angry or envious or depressed at every pink heart, red rose or chick flick ad wherever you go?

Long live Sanctuary ...

... and where are those riding boots?




The Fluttering Demon

For a while I have had the notion that there is something on my left shoulder.

It is a sense, like a fluttering sometimes, at the far end of my periphery and it is quite noticeable; I often turn my head to check the movement but as I said, I had it for a very long time and I am used to that.
What I do with freaky stuff is to simply put it aside.

I don’t repress it, I put it aside pending further investigation; I seem to have some sort of holding area for such things in my mind where the unresolved puzzles reside. I’m not generally scared of what resides there because I think like Mr Spock in that context, “Captain, there is not enough information to make a correct assessment ...”

This strategy has really served me well over time, because these things in the “holding area” are not forgotten at all but actually, they are waiting for something that may pertain to them, and this is what happened with my “fluttering entity at the far edge” during the Living Energy training.
We were discussing demons and how to restore them to their rightful time and space, and I was helping people here and there in the exercises to move these energies and resolve the puzzle. One person made a comment that immediately reminded me of my fluttering demon (or whatever) but of course, being the workshop leader, there wasn’t really time to do something there and then.

Sometime later, when I was back at home, the fluttering happened again and I remembered immediately the decision to use the EmoTrance “exorcism” on this. But I couldn’t really get a “hold” on the fluttering, and there didn’t seem to be any particularly useful body sensations I could use (this is often the case with things in the wider energy matrix, the physiological feedback simply becomes more tentative with distance, and in direct correlation TO how far away something is).

So, I decided to go for a Project Sanctuary move.

I always do “when the chips are down” because it is very elegant and so – entertaining, at that. I went to bed, lay down and snuggled up, and made my way to the Totality Mirror in the tower.

The totality mirror, for those who don’t know, is simply a mirror in which you can check your own energy system, any level, any layer, to see what’s going on if you like myself sometimes need a bit of visual stimulation to get things going.

Anyway, so I step up to the mirror and before switching it on, I note that I am a little apprehensive as to what I will discover when I look at “the fluttering”.

I tranced that right away (just something in my throat that needed to go down into the stomach and from there down the legs, and it went most happily) and checked again if there were any more objections to switching on the mirror, but I was actually VERY keen now to finally see that thing that had been fluttering there on the left hand side for as long as I can remember.

What would it turn out to be?

I smiled, bit my lower lip in anticipation and turned on the mirror.

Opened my eyes.

And I couldn’t believe what I saw!

What do you think it was?

A gollum like creature, haunting me?

Some sort of spirit attachment?


The mirror showed me clearly that it was ...

... an angel’s wing!


To be honest, I was entirely speechless and my mouth dropped open.
Even as I stood and watched, the wing flexed a little and waved, and THERE WAS THE MOVEMENT I had perceived all this time. The fluttering of an angel’s wing.

And make no mistake, it was exactly mine. It grew very smoothly from my shoulder, rose up round and swooped all the way down to the ground, the very last “feathers” touching the ground.

Then my eyes went to the other side, to my right, and ...

Oh my!

The wing on the right was broken!

It hung straight down, from the back of the collarbone behind me, like a cloak, straight down and dragging helplessly on the ground behind me.

It could NOT flutter, and you wouldn’t see it at all if you didn’t turn around a bit and look for it.

There was a moment of deep sadness which washed right through me, and an instant determination replaced it to do something to put this right, to make it right, to heal the broken wing, and a simultanous understanding that if I did, then I would be able to fly again.

That thought took a bit more trancing before I was stabilised enough to call one of my PS friends to help me heal the right wing.

It was easy, gentle and warmly relaxing, and I could feel the energy shifts all over myself. I was glad that I had decided to lie down on my bed before I started; my whole body was re-aligning itself, relaxing, finding a new center of gravity altogether as the second wing was restored.

Then, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I went to the top of the tower and there wasn’t even a moment’s hesitation but only sheer jubilance as I launched myself straight into the air, all of it so familiar, well known, like you never forget how to ride a bicycle, you never forget how to use those wings ...

I flew, soared and drifted; danced in the air over many landscapes and then, over the ocean; and there, I flew straight towards it, INTO the water, naturally and without doubt, and then I flew underwater, like the manta rays do, crystal clear green blue, so light, dancing with light and with life.

I don’t remember anything after that because I fell asleep then; but when I awoke, it was all right there and clear as anything in my mind, and I thought that the reason I had swam underwater was to remind me gently that these things aren’t really wings, and that I mustn’t get trapped in the idea of “air flying” – there are other media, other places, other dimensions and you can fly in all of them, if your wings are working.

My conscious mind would have no doubt put on the brakes if I had tried to fly straight into the Earth or into a rock; the water was simply an example to show me a valuable truth about all of it.

We are NOT dealing with “wings” and “feathers” and “air” here – all of it is ONLY AN ENERGY.

So there must have been a part of my energy system that was broken, and on that day, it was repaired. When it was repaired, something was possible that was not possible before – a form of movement that was previously severely curtailed and restricted.

And me?

How do I handle the idea that I have “angel wings” or put that in my self concept and smoke it?!

Ah but then I don’t.

I put that idea on the shelf, in that special place I keep for those things that need more information or resolution, and until that arrives, it is safe there and I don’t have to worry about anything, but instead, just enjoy the flying and the exploration that is possible now, when it had not been before.

Silvia Hartmann
24. 1. 2004

Hatching Money

I wrote the story "Witch Proud" this afternoon and a little while later, went to bed, still in that state the story does describe, evoke, whatever one might call it.

Hypnotically suggest, at that.

Either way, I got to thinking about many things and their energies and how they might benefit from being awoken in that manner.

As an aside to those who do not follow this list with regularity, Witch Proud is a simple translation/description of the process used on the Dichroic Glass, and what the little Prince guy referred to when he said, "A pile of rocks ceases to be a pile of rocks when a sentient being comes along and perceives within it a cathedral."

Eventually, my mind turned to the money in my bank and I noted with interest that this too was sleeping-beauty-sleeping still and had been waiting for this kiss of life for as long as it had been in my possession.

So in order to make that transfer of the skill learned on solid objects such as the glass from Witch Proud and the dichroic glass cabochons, I switched to PS and walked into a virtual vault where my money was kept. Golden coins, fast asleep.

Took me a while to generate the requisite love, respect and admiration which provides the necessary energy for that task but eventually, the charge was there and I could "breathe life into them".

I awakened them most tenderly.

As PS events do, they take this turn into the surreal, yet beautiful unfoldments as the situation takes on a life of its own - the golden coins turned into eggs, and they hatched these extraordinary small golden energy creatures, singing beings which - like ducklings - immediately recognised me as their own and came to me.

They were all around me, and I spend some considerable time stroking them, loving them, giggling them and with them, and generally speaking enjoying them in a full body energy autogenic experience. Then I told them to go out and seek out others of their kind, even eggs, and bring them here to be awakened likewise and to make a haven for their kind, a central sanctuary where they may come and be loved and go out from there and do their thing.

It was really sweet. Most of them left and a couple of small ones stayed behind, they were not yet ready and it was really pleasant to have them there. They are playing by the hearth as I'm writing this.

I remember wondering what they might grow into as they get older and more mature, I'm sure it will be pretty breath-taking to see their adult forms sometime.

I got this far away sense of tremendous power, golden rushing. Then I fell asleep.

And now and writing this, I wonder if one time, something will come to me and treat me like that, wake me up too.

Wouldn't that be something?




Spirit Food, Spirit Hallucinogenics ...

Ever since SLK's Fostris story, I've been thinking about spirit food again in various different ways.

No doubt about it, the spirit needs nourishment and all manner of vitamins, many of which are unlikely to be found in a greenhouse tomato or factory farmed lettuce.

In the original PS manual I went on for a while about my magical orchard which I had much fun cultivating at the time - it had this really strange types of fruit growing there, most of it glowed, which I'd say now is an indicator for spirit food.

Flying the Lord Ashtar in the "feeding dimension", that was good; also receiving a basket of spirit food from Lord Krishna on more than one occasion was immensely enjoyable.

But as the Fostris story reveals, there's more to spirit food than just your staple diet and your vitamins (so that the spiritual eyes get to see in the dark, and the spirit hair and teeth don't fall out - LOL!).

There is the whole realm of spiritual medication, for example. The Fostris eggs were a powerful sleeping potion which can be a Godsend when the LA is in spiritual pain.

Then we have Dr Peter's truly fascinating and highly magical "lollipops" - starry night flavour, anyone? Smile 

Starry Nights flavoured lollipop by Silvia Hartmann

I've also recently traded what can only be described as glow-in-the-dark Smarties with a couple of entities and that brings me around to the concept of spiritual hallucinogenics.

In people, when they take naturally occurring hallucinogenics, it has the effect that other and further circuitry in the neurology but also in consciousness are being activated. LSD as a shortcut to enlightenment, Tim Leary swore by it Smile

This has also culturally been done the shamanic way since the dawn of the ages; but the naturally occurring hallucinogenics are all also poisonous and can have physical structural side effects, some very severe indeed.

To collect spiritual hallucinogenics and ingest these circumvents the problems associated with mushrooms and exotic seeds Smile and the effects are quite marvellous.

Whether you're a beginner or very advanced PS player, there are some things which are basically stable across the whole thing.

Firstly, I would propose that ANYTHING you eat in PS (or in dreams, or meditations or whatever) HAS TO BE spirit food. It's not a banana but a spirit banana you're picking off a tree or from a market stall in Pertineri, clearly so.

Secondly, as PS is reactive and interactive, it WILL deliver the correct spirit food, medication or psychoactive potions - ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK.

And that's the thing.

I know a person who has money, feet, storage room, a telephone, lives in a town, and yet THEIR FRIDGE IS ALWAYS EMPTY and they live on stale ends of bread.

Don't ask me how that comes to be, but I propose that is what we are doing with spirit food, possibly because we never even knew we needed it, or the acquisition, preparation and enjoyment of it simply wasn't part of the "patterns of nourishment" when we grew up and learned what there was to learn.

Spiritual nutrition is an aspect of energy nutrition but it has much more to do with growing a strong and healthy PSYCHIC CIRCUITRY or astral body than it has with any fitness or physical thing.

Where are the magical spirit carrots to help us see in the dark places? What is it that makes your astral ears and antennae grow strong and receptive? What food helps the young ones learn to fly?

This is immensely interesting and potentially VERY tasty and beneficial.

I recommend an immediate trip to a feeding ground and if there isn't one, to make one - whether it's a pharmacy, an orchard, a feeding dimension or a ready made astral buffet, it matters not.

That could make a LOT of difference to our developing systems, I wager Smile

Guten Appetit!

SFX Smile

Magnetic Sand Healing

On Sunday night, I was not just knackered, I was overknackered. Mind, body and spirit really had enough now and the question, "Where do you feel that in your body?" produced the hollow laughter, followed by coughing and "Why don't you ask me where I don't feel it?"

So I went to bed and lay there, metaphorically whimpering.

"Give me something effective and soothing, please."

I had this idea of lying down on these sand dune hills, in a shallow depression (was a bit worried that this might be a shallow grave but too tired to argue).

Then I could feel this interesting pull from the sand.

It was magnetic sand which was pulling all sorts of tiredness and tension out of all the bits and layers of my body, re-establishing even flow where things were locked up and bunched tight.

A very wonderful sensation, as things began to just be sucked away, softening and flowing very nicely, and when the blocks were gone, "fresh energy" was being pulled through automatically because the magnetic sand didn't stop being magnetic, of course.

It was warm, comforting and supporting and I even had a sense of channels or pathways re-magnetising themselves by the contact before I lost consciousness.

Very, very pleasant and helpful and clearly, an example of how very advanced EmoTrance is of course - Project Sanctuary Smile

magnetic waves to all,

SFX Smile


Delicious Beauty Potions

As I was relaxing in my warm and comfortable nest this cold and frosty morning, my mind turned to facial crèmes and such and in an instant, I went autogenic and my dear energy mind came up with some extremely pleasant ointments for many, many purposes but mainly the soothing and sparkling of certain circuitries that shall for now remain nameless.

So, what did we have in the way of superbly magical health and beauty potions?

Amongst others, a rich and vibrant red wine lotion for my hair. Something that prickled quite joyfully like Sherbert to rub on my feet. A warm, very clear green lotion for around my eyes which was most happily drunk in by skin and tissue alike in great measure.

A hot spicy ointment for my neck and silky smooth golden lotion for my shoulders and upper arms.

It was great fun and truly delicious; I was intrigued to note that many of the "potions" had food aspects and how different their consistency, temperature and effect were, nicely custom made for where they were going. Different colours, too.

I'd like to thank my HEROS officially for sending me this wonderful idea and I hope you have a play yourself. Donations for savings on wrinkle cream and stem cell injections are accepted via PayPal.



PS. Interesting variety on hands on healing would be to make such lotions in the hands before applying them to another. Much scope for delicious fun there, too ... :-)

SFX 2003

The Temple Of Light

At the MM weekend, I was about to do something when I got a message flash up to do something else instead.

The something else was really neat and I thought you might enjoy this too.

It's really simple but interesting.

Here goes.

Find "the temple of light" and step inside.

If you look up, you'll see that at the inside apex of the building, there is a HUGE crystal, like a diamond, and it is rotating.

As it does so, it throws light across the central space of the temple - all the colours of the rainbow, but then also ultraviolet, pure radiant "empty space" black and infra red, to "complete the rainbow", as it were.

You can just go there and stand there and let this happen to you and do its thing.

A remarkable feeling and very refreshing.

Multi-frequency waves to all,


SFX 2005

Easter Egg Hunt

Go to your central sanctuary. Look around and find an egg, THE egg.

What's inside?

What's inside?

Happy Hunting!

SFX April 2006

Jupiter | Sunrise | Hot Handed Alien | Message In A Bottle | Snow Globe Remedy | Valentine's Day | Fluttering Demon | Spirit Food | Magnetic Sand | Beauty Potions | Temple Of Light | Easter Egg |

  by Silvia Hartmann
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