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Shhh ...

by Silvia Hartmann

Shhh ...

"Show me golden ocean shores,
Show me living water light ..."

MetaSong Poem by Silvia Hartmann 2006

On the shores of the Universal Ocean Illustration by Silvia Hartmann 2023


Show me golden ocean shores,
Show me living water light,
Show me skies of radiant blue,
Show me.

Send me whispering winds,
Send me splendid things,
Send me fascinations
Send me.

Sing for me the ocean's rush,
Sing for me the loving shore,
Sing for me my heart's delight.
Sing for me.

I will receive it all,
I will receive your blessing's kiss,
I will dissolve in gratitude and bliss,
I will.

Shhh, said the ocean,
Shhh, said the shore,
Shhh, said the sky,

Shhh ...

                      SFX Jan 06

  by Silvia Hartmann
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