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Serenity's Sky - A Rare Poem In Iambic Pentameter by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

"But it doesn't rhyme!" - Ha! This one does. Specially created to prove once and for all that I can rhyme but simply don't choose to! 
*I am German. For me, English rhyming is like shooting fish in a barrel. Everything rhymes on everything, apart from orange, of course. Note to self: A new word needs to be injected into the language. Anyway, here's Serenity's Sky - in Iambic Pentameter. With respect and gratitude to my dear Energy Mind, who is making such shennanigans possible.

Serenity's Sky

In the dawn of the silence,
in the morning's sweet time,
on the last day of mourning,
on the last day of all,
the hesitant sunshine
without rhythm or rhyme
on the wasted repentents
is waiting to fall.

The priestess of nightmares
who cannot be stilled,
precluded no respite,
she betrayed them once more.
She shivered in mourning
and time is unwilled
as she raises her lightning
to breach to the core.

There cannot be singing
when all is undone
when the night has forsaken
its own early song.
Yet others are waiting,
the father and son,
who were always mistaken,
who waited too long

For a hand or a gesture
to reach out, hold sway
to have moments of glory
and rise high above
whilst the darkness is hungry
and those who still stay
are demented, insane
for the lack of love.

And the time thus stood still
and the oceans lay white.
The silence rained down
as the crosses they bear;
writhing corpses, survivors
scratching blind without sight
without hope, without faith
in redemption so fair

Until from below them
a tremour was known
rising higher and wider
and tearing asunder
the tight towers and mountains
from which angels had flown,
their skeletons crumbling
amidst lightning and thunder.

And their grim reaper world
full of hate and dismay
this day when it came
was destroyed to the core.
Fire raining and starfall
washed them clean and away
and rescinded their memories
as had happened before.

The garden of Eden
for which they had yearned
took ten thousand turns
to raise them up high,
and as we were watching,
we listened and learned
in sorrow and wonder
from serenity's sky. 

Silvia Hartmann, 2003

  by Silvia Hartmann
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