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Project Sanctuary For Two: The Golden Cathedral

by Carna Zacharias-Miller

Project Sanctuary For Two: The Golden Cathedral

Carna Zacharias-Miller writes: Tired of always playing alone in Sanctuary? Try this with a friend or client: Develop a Classic Game story together. It is a bonding experience and much fun!

This is actually a research project by Project Sanctuary masters Laura Moberg and Carna Zacharias-Miller. Intention: Trying out a Project Sanctuary Classic Game with an agreed upon contract, but without the established client/practitioner separation, meaning that we were developing a story together as we went along.

We would use basic Project Sanctuary and/or the Genius Symbols at own discretion and simply tap three times to signal over the phone when each individual was done relating their instalment of the story.


Game for two the golden cathedral


The Contract:

Dear Energy Mind, help us understand why we do not have a sense of home and how we can have one.


Meeting point: Pertineri Market. We are sitting outside of a European style café, warm May sun shining down, enjoying a cappuccino as well as each other's company in comfortable silence.

A man comes bustling across the square looking very frenzied, carrying a newspaper with a headline I cannot read it but Laura can: No More Trains Today!

I see how people are scurrying about and notice a dark bird circling above, but I don't know what it is all about.


We are in a Northern country, and the waters are rising! People try to get to higher ground. Carna and I have a heart/mind contact and do not need to speak. We can feel that people are panicking and are fleeing from something, but I think we shall choose what we go toward. We get up and start walking. We also need to know what we have for resources, so I ask Carna to check and ..


I look in my sachel and find many gold coins. So that is good. But where are we going? I am disoriented and confused. Laura takes a map out of her satchel, and I see that it is a map of the US. We stare at it, but it doesn't give us any answers. So Laura crumbles it and throws it away. We go to the harbour and take the ship.


We have been rescued from the rising waters by fleeing on the ship, but the feel is not good. It is very crowded and fear pervades the air. We do not know where we are going, and it is unsure if we have a choice.

I notice the large black bird we saw at the square is flying above the ship the entire time. It glints deep purple with flashes of gold, and there are two streamers, beams of light flowing from it.

I have the sense I am ready to surrender and hook my fate to this bird, and Carna feels in complete accord. Suddenly the bird swooProject Sanctuary down, and we grasp the streamers and are rising above.

Quite happy to find lovely baskets forming, soft blankets to curl up in and a most delightful picnic basket complete with red checked napkin and iced lemonade. As we swoop forward, high above the clouds with the sun streaming onto us, we enjoy the delectable like two little girls that have snuck out of the second grade and into the woods....and we giggle. I can both feel and see droProject Sanctuary and streams of worry and care flowing from us. More giggles and a feeling of utter abandonment and the delight of freedom.

Then we sleep, curled up in peace until we start the decent to...


(drawing People symbol)

.a deserted tropic island, with many palm trees. We land softly at the beach. Nobody is there, but I feel the presence of "something". I feel very strongly that Laura and I are in this together, we are like sisters. We go towards the interior of the island, and there it is in a clearing: a castle with several delicate towers rising into the sky, built of golden light and pure energy. It is dazzling, and not in the physical realm. It feels unapproachable, we are in awe. So we are just standing there.


(drawing Magic symbol)

We step forward onto the magic spiral that interestingly enough transports us to the back side of the castle where a Hansel and Gretel type of a cozy cottage stands. VERY physical, VERY real, VERY inviting in fact. I sense we can choose.

(drawing Friend symbol)

A being then glides out of the lush jungle and spreads his hands open in welcome, perhaProject Sanctuary in offering both choices. My heart leaProject Sanctuary in joy and acceptance, and He floats forward and takes Carna and me by the hand. Such a sensation! So ephemeral light sparkly and yet there is firm flesh, fingers tightening securely around my hand and I heave a sigh and I open to receive what is flowing through His palm.

I feel myself lightening, the vibration rising and know, it is only on this level that we can enter the castle. I worry that I will not be able to hold this level and receive knowing He will always be there for me and that I do myself have this refined level, I have but to attune.

We hover forward and glide into the heart of the castle and....


While the three of us were walking towards the castle, I found myself looking back over my shoulder to the cottage. Such a nice, cozy place! A part of me really wanted to go there, was longing to go there and do what all the other people do. But then I realized how immature that was, like a five year old longing for a pacifier, and I was drawn into the powerful energy of the castle.

Then we are inside the castle. There are other light beings there, some almost as low and physical as us, others approaching the level of refinement of our Friend. There is one group of these beings surrounding me and taking me to the Cathedral room, the heart of the castle. I see that Laura is surrounded by another group, and I briefly worry about our separation. But then I see her and her group in the same Cathedral room where I am.

We are gathered here for a teaching, but the knowing is downloaded into us, there are no words.

I can feel myself becoming lighter and notice my body glowing, becoming more translucent. It feels so good.


What follows naturally after the "sermon" is of course the choir song. But it is our hearts that sing without sound, a rather tonal humming with coloured light streaming. I discover how one can breathe out through the heart and stream light, and play with the different colours that flow. Also enjoy the harmony of the many different tones, losing any sense of lower or higher, or striving to be on a level one is not.

Releasing the nagging sense of who is left behind, in that other world far away, dissolving in one sense, and yet never more connected than we are just now in this perfect unity which transcend time and space.

I look forward to getting to know my new family here. I have come home.


Yes, this is our home. It is not on a map, and we don't belong in a cottage. We belong in the Golden Cathedral.

This "Classic Game à deux" was a wonderful experience, it was just flowing out of us, in perfect synchronicity. Both of us returned to the Golden Cathedral habitat on our own.

Conclusion: This is a very satisfying Project Sanctuary pattern, and we strongly recommend it.


Emotional Wellness Coach

  by Carna Zacharias-Miller
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"When I was sent this book to review, I had no idea how powerful Project Sanctuary was. I found myself lucid dreaming and in the process discovered things about myself that delighted and astounded me." Morya Short. The Sedona Journal

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