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Project Sanctuary, Sesame Street & The Language Of The Angels

by Silvia Hartmann

Project Sanctuary, Sesame Street & The Language Of The Angels

Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary, Sesame Street & The Language Of The Angels

I always say that REALITY REALLY IS COMPLICATED. Incredibly complicated. Layers and layers of reality, interactive, all happening and evolving at the same time.

That's why we need language forms to handle that REALITY COMPLEXITY.

"The cat walks in the garden" doesn't tell us sod all about very important aspects of this occurrence. Such as WHY. And HOW. And what its purpose is. This may not be that critical in the case of a cat, but make the cat a real lion, and it walks in your garden where your kids are playing in a sandbox nearby, then it really is critical TO BE INFORMED OF THE BIGGER PICTURE.

What this is about is "language events". In the Story Teller I go on for some length about the difference between "fact and fiction" language.

Unfortunately people have been brainwashed to think that fact is TRUTH and fiction is LIES, and it's the other way around.

Especially when you are dealing with the energy levels and layers of any kind of communication, and you try to have the reality and the energy of something AND THE WORDS YOU USE to describe this, become CONGRUENT.

When I started to think of "dream material" for the want of a better word, or "unconsciously generated streams of information in sound and visions" as BEING A LANGUAGE, things became easier.

When I then considered that ALL SYMBOLS humans use, inside and outside of themselves, and including maths, art, words, shapes, EVERYTHING that humans make as languages also, I got it that we basically just don't understand how the "unconscious thought processes" work at all because we don't speak their language.

That metaphors ARE a language in their own right, that they have regulations, rules, laws even, and that instead of totally insane and chaotic, we are dealing with a highly complex system that is TOTALLY LOGICAL - just far more complicated and information dense than we are used to, because it is:

a) all the same time;
b) always in fluent motion;
c) comprising of components derived from BOTH visible, and invisible reality;
d) more than one layer of depth.

Now, when I learned English, I did so not from a schoolbook but by IMMERSION.

I watched Sesame Street on BFBS TV. I sang the songs about inchworms and marigolds, tried to figure out which of these things just doesn't belong there, watched the stories about the kingdom of 8, where there stood a castle, tall and great, and listened to Ernie and Bert go through their weirdnesses.

I was 11 years old at the time and just "went with the programme".

After a while, a clarity began to emerge and when Kermit asked a question, I could answer him.

I totally loved doing this and was TOTALLY MOTIVATED to learn more. By the time I was 14, I was getting the local bookshop to import me things like Wuthering Heights and The Picture of Dorian Grey in the original English language.

By that time, English lessons at school had started too and with horror I sat through them, fascinated by the suffering of my class mates who SO UTTERLY FAILED TO GET IT how the language worked, who couldn't express themselves AT ALL, who didn't understand what the fuck was going on, who couldn't do the exercises, couldn't answer the questions, and ended up HATING this language I loved so much and spoke by then at least more fluently than the English teacher did. Which wasn't that difficult as he was just total SHIT at it and hated it most likely a lot more than his young charges ever could.

As this approach had worked so usefully for me and was obviously such a competitive advantage, when it came to the metaphor thing, I decided to make my own version of Sesame Street - and it's called Project Sanctuary!

Stories. Puzzles. Songs and poems. Happenings and events. Kermit becomes a spirit guide, Miss Piggy a sanctuary lover. The colours are bright and we get to write our own entertainment, sexual excitement, fascination and exploration as we go along.


One language. One that is structurally pre-supposed by our totality design concept, courtesy of the Creative Order, and which holds for ANY human being born, no matter what their breed may be.

One language that Jung mistook for "archetypes". One language that drove Joseph Campbell insane as he picked up "the stories of the world" and KNEW there was something eerily similar about all of them and never quite got it what it was.

One language that in essence hasn't changed at all for a hundred thousand years and that when things are originated in that language, and then translated carefully by someone who knows how to align LOCAL SOUNDS with REAL ENERGETIC INFORMATION, ends up being things like Shakespeare, or the Bible, the Thora, the Koran, the original Latin prayers of the Christian church or the Sanscrit prayers of Hinduism.

THAT is the power of the language known as "metaphor".

The ONE language. The language of the angels.

And like my poor, poor fellow English students back then, virtually no-one speaks it. One or two people per generation, if you're lucky.

Yet I absolutely KNOW FOR EVERY FACT IN THE UNIVERSE that if I was to take the same students from back then who failed so miserably to learn English properly, that I could teach them to love English too and become as unconsciously competent in expression as I am.

They were born to learn, born to think, born to understand.

We all are.

Metaphor - the language of the angels! - is a bridge back to THINKING LIKE HUMANS SHOULD.

We got the brains. We got the power. We're just running shit operating systems that aren't using them correctly and ruining our incarnations in the process.

We NEED to do this, if we want to get back to real reality and out of the crazy theatre of conscious constructs. We really NEED this kind of computing power to understand ourselves, the world, and in the end, not get in the way of being back with the Creative Order itself, with God, if you will.

It's really THAT important.

Without metaphor, no enlightenment.

LOL and that would be that, in a nutshell - one of those very big cosmic nutshells, in which there are galaxies upon galaxies, at that ... Smile

A perfect triple helix spiral to all,


Silvia Hartmann

  by Silvia Hartmann
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"Project Sanctuary is simply incredible and a joy to use." Trev Holloway

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