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Poem Time Chamaeleon

Poem Time Chamaeleon

I asked for a metasong to start off the new decade on the 1st of the 1st, 2011, and duely, The Time Chamaeleon was delivered to me.

As is the case with classic metasong, it wants to be spoken and heard rather than just read; so if you read the Time Chamaeleon out aloud, you will get more of a sense what it is about and why it is here ...

Time Chamaeleon

In all the lands,
in all the times,
there is a place,
and it is mine,
there is a place
of wonderment
of home and hearth,
of comfort so sublime,
that all of us becomes
resolved, evolved to
softest, sweetest flow,
a dancing brook of water
light that flows across
the pebbles, turns them into
jewels, sparkling joy revealed,
a soothing touch
and on we flow and glide,
such progress,
so much distance travelled,
and yet it feels
as though we never moved at all,
it is the world
that glides beneath our feet,
our wings,
and so we breathe in beauty
and in splendour -

Go north and taste
the northern lights
and stately pine,
the softly falling snow,
the silence and the clarity
of holy nights that last
and give you time
to dream and sleep,
to rest, to rest so deeply now,
so deeply as a seed would sleep
and dream and rest
and wait for time,
to wait for spring ...

And isn't spring a dream as well,
a dream in youngest, freshest green
you've ever seen,
and yellow, wondrous blues,
and there is never such a time
as when the world awakens into life,
and powered by the star above,
begins to stretch,
begins to flow,
begins to grow and new,
and new is every thing,
and new is every you
and every part of you,
expand and stretch
and reach into the new,
where not too far away,
the flowering awaits,
as one into another
the past like such a splendid creature
changes colour and becomes the now,
and changes colour yet again
to be the future,
and we see it here
as light and energy increases,
grows and keeps on growing,
heat and pressure rising fast,
intensity of genesis
creates the nexus,
spiral center seedling forms inside,
becoming more and more,
and filling more and more until
the starburst now explodes
creates the universe,
creates it all
and all is now
alive and singing,
as one is all
and all is one.


Silvia Hartmann, January 1st, 2011

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