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Poem: The Child

by Silvia Hartmann

Poem: The Child

Silvia Hartmann's poem "The Child" from Heart Healing.

 The Child illustration by Silvia Hartmann



The Child


Blessed upon by the very stars in heaven,

in silent reverie and once upon a time

a child came into being


This child was precious beyond prize

and beloved, yes it was,

and of those who waited to

receive this gift

into their holy care

there were a few

who felt that they

did not deserve

this honour,

that they did not


themselves to be

allowed to be here.


And yet they were

and the child it came to them

it came willing

and with grace,

to give its all

to give its self

to them, to us.


A great celebration

ensued in return

but it was a silent

celebration that sang

not with noise or

the banging of the drums

for there are times


when all of that fades


and a different

kind of music

is required.


A different kind of music

that is never heard but

known and felt.


A different kind of music

not with notes you study

scales you practice day on day 

but a music that is singing

sweetly as the essence of itself

tones so pure and right


This was the greeting

and the moment of arrival,

when the child had come

to give the waiting ones

just what they needed,

what they dreamed of

what they wanted,

and they stood in holiness

and deepest awe

becoming whole

the gift of gifts,


at last.



Silvia Hartmann, May 2003

 From "Heart Healing" 2003

  by Silvia Hartmann
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