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Poem City Lights

by Silvia Hartmann

Poem City Lights

An imagery poem, a metaphor poem, a metasong - City Lights.

City Lights


I don't want

to walk

any paths

that have been walked before.

I reject them all.

None of them were right.

None of them would lead to glory,

victory and tears of joy.

Not a one.

Find a new way,

forge a new day

from the iron of the old,

new stories told,

new sights and sounds

and feelings,

oh, new feelings!


Slowly, the old paths

will be saved by little weeds and seeds

and soon enough you cannot tell

just where there once

the monsters trampled,

prisoners in chains,

bleeding, crying,

begging for their freedom,

dying, dying here

without a single tear

to light their way

to a much better place ...

Here, in the new,

diamonds are everywhere.

Here, in the new,

such things arise and dance

for me and you such as

the worlds have never seen

but waited oh, so long!

Creatures raise their heads,

they too are now inspired,

fired up with our joy,

they want to know us,

welcome us amidst their number,

weave us and receive us

in their gratitude complete.

We gentle them and stroke them,

smile and love them,

raise them with our touch

and soothe them with our sweeping cloaks

that swish and swirl the winds of night;

revealed we are,

released we are,

and we can fly

and bring our blessings

to the multitudes

who hide behind

the twinkling city lights.


Poem City Lights Illustration


Silvia Hartmann February 2013

  by Silvia Hartmann
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