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Paranormal Channelling Abilities Make Real Life Easier ...

Paranormal Channelling Abilities Make Real Life Easier ...

Using paranormal data streaming or chanelling techniques for every day purposes is a great way to practice paranormal abilities and get other benefits!

I've always been rather good at channelling things. 

That's a term you might use to describe "letting a stream of data from the energy mind enter your conscious awareness", or simply "streaming" for short. 

I used to do this randomly in emergencies or when called upon and otherwise not use it much when I was younger; later on, I became very interested in what I now call the energy mind and what was then labelled the "unconscious mind" or "subconscious mind", neither term I ever really liked.

With Project Sanctuary, that really got going much more in its own way, and then later, I used to use this datastream technique to write poetry, stories, then fairy tales, then art solutions creations and those included technical articles as well then; then there was the imagery version of that with the symbols and symbol paintings, now, we're doing the music version (more of which we'll hear of at another time).

All these things are really about learning how to

1. Open up that stream of data;

2. Receive and interpret it correctly;

3. Use it for something practical.

It wasn't long before it came to my attention that most if not all forms of paranormal applications rely on one's ability to tune into something and then stream the requisite information.

It's all the same whether you are writing a symphony or if you're remote viewing, practising telepathy or precognition, talking to spirits - the process is essentially the same.

What I'm finding interesting and this is how this article got its title is that these various "paranormal" endeavours that were previously reserved for esoteric magic circles of meditation, altered states and such, is that it is seeping backwards into "ordinary reality", more and more.

The "strange but useful" application of this streaming process I am currently noticing is in answering email correspondence.

I have a lot of web sites on very different topics; and they usually all have a contact form.

As these websites have a lot of visitors, it stands to reason that some amongst them should use these contact forms to contact me - to ask me a question, make a comment or to tell me something they feel I need to know about.

In the past, I never really knew what to do with these, especially with the really weird ones, i.e.: "I feel my right eye is cursed by demons and I am thinking of cutting it out. What do you think?"

I would answer the ones I could answer, delegate the technical stuff and delete most of them as being unanswerable.

I think it was when I was starting to work with Appollonius that this began to change.

Instead of worrying about these things, I would simply "stream" an answer to the mail in question.

This involves in really not thinking about it too much and let something just come to you in direct response, and whatever that might be, or however it might come out.

This results in sometimes my responses being practical, sometimes totally cryptic; one liners; quotes; strange gifts that just arise from nowhere or complete instructions sometimes - it varies, and I never know what it's going to be before I put my fingers on the keyboard.

It is extremely interesting to be doing this, and in this way.

For one thing, I don't fear the contact forms arriving any longer because I don't have to worry about them anymore. The stream will take care of it.

For another, I find it often very surprising what I end up writing, and I like that - I like NOT knowing everything, or having to know everything. It's very relaxing.

There are two more benefits to streaming correspondence responses.

One is that it is a complete time saver as it is so quick and instant; the other is that I now reply to just about everything that comes into my inbox rather than deleting it.

As I'm getting more practised at this, I'm getting faster and the responses and internal representations that happen when I read a message are clearer and brighter. It's enjoyable to do that, and one might muse on this being another example of "when you give, you also receive" in energetic terms.

I get at least three significant benefits out of this. 1 is that what used to be a drag and a worry is now something I actually look forward to; 2. is the increase in mental flexibility and clarity and the practice I'm getting, and 3. is a sense of having fulfilled my responsibility or task correctly that I myself set in motion when I put those contact forms on the sites, and that is quite a nice feeling of satisfaction of "a job well done".

These contact forms are, I suspect, the tip of a very large ice berg.

There are a lot of times in human communication, may it be between relative strangers or intimate friends, where we are stuck in certain modes of thinking and talking, and it would be a very nice thing if something NEW was said, or something - different.

Something that wasn't arrived at by conscious calculation of what "one is supposed to say under these circumstances", but from a different place altogether.

I wonder what human communication would be like if two or more people came together and instead of talking, were streaming their respective messages for and responses to each other.

And as the contact forms quite practically have proven, that is by no means as SciFi as first one might suspect.

Certainly a fascinating topic :-)

And in that spirit, I think I'd like to pass a basket of light green fruit for refreshment to all,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann


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