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Overcoming Blocks To Abundance With The Genius Symbols

Overcoming Blocks To Abundance With The Genius Symbols

Cherry wrote and asked how to use the Genius Symbols to overcome blocks to abundance.

Here are my top tips.

> Message: How will the symbols eliminate my personal blocks to abundance?

Hi Cherry,

that's a good question.

There are LOADS of different ways to use the symbols to work with something specific like blocks to abundance.

Here are just some ideas of the top of my head.

- Discover what blocks there are by going through the symbols one at a time and asking of each one, "Show me what blocks to abundance I have in the realms of (time, space, weather/emotion, aspects etc)." That gives a good basic assessment and starts a process with awareness of what's wrong, and where, which is always a good step to starting to fix anything.

- You can go through them for ideas and insights how to overcome any blocks to abundance and achieve more abundance by picking up each one in turn, holding it to your heart and saying, "How can I use (space,time, people, light etc) to (gain abundance/further abundance/overcome my blocks to abundance)?"

- You can play a Classic Game to discover and resolve a specific and/or majorly important block to abundance (that's my favourite, really!)

- You can certainly make a symbol circle for charging charms to help dissolve blocks to abundance

- You can do meditations such as the blessings and gratitude meditation, in which you consider what blessings you already have in the (space, time, land, creativity etc) department and show your gratitude, which often opens up the flow for MORE coming through

- You can do a specific "Wishes and Wants" exercise in which you take a symbol at a time and state what you actually want in terms of (space, time, trade, artefacts, house etc) so that your energy mind can know what you mean by abundance in the first place and go to work to help manifest these things for you

- You can use all the symbols or just specific ones to create powerful, heartfelt affirmations by picking up a symbol at a time and saying, "My space is full of abundance/my time is full of abundance/etc" or any variation of an affirmation that makes sense to you.

- You can use the symbols to flash up memories relating to abundance, one for each symbol, if you want to work in the Events Psychology style or with EMO or EFT.

- You can use the symbol pantheon to ask for the support of "The lord of time/the lord of space/the lord of trade etc." in your endeavours.

That's where I'm going to stop, I'm sure there is much, much more that can be done with the symbols. They are very versatile and combine well with other forms of change and self healing and invite deeply meditative/magical states where one starts to be guided in the right direction, and what one needs to do next, which is the best way to resolve or evolve ANY problem, in my opinion.

Thanks for the question and good blessings to you!

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

Designer, The Genius Symbols

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