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Ice Cave - A Healing Habitat For A Coming Cold

by Silvia Hartmann

Ice Cave - A Healing Habitat For A Coming Cold

The Project Sanctuary or SuperMind Classic Game creates real time, unique, perfectly calculated "Healing Habitats" for the energy body. This is AWESOME and extremely useful. Here is the "Ice Cave Healing Habitat Experience" from February 2021.

I am old enough to be very familiar with the warning signs that I'm about to get a cold.

And I got the warning signs, and the battle between Silvia's immune system and the cold has begun!

I also know what works for me.

Keep warm.
Eat what you want to eat, no hold barred.
Vitamin C.
Don't overstress and don't try to do any complicated or challenging tasks, as there's a high risk of failure due to glitches and mistakes.

So that's the physical aspect sorted.

Now, for a nice healing sanctuary experience, as my dear energy mind knows what's best for the energy body.

Soooo ...

Dear Energy Mind! Take me to the perfect place in time and space for all of me, right now!

What is the time of day?


What is the time of year?


What is the weather?

It is snowing softly, no wind, large flakes flutter to the ground, hypnotic, soundless.

What is the environment?

I am in an ice cave that glows softly, sea blue, turquoise; a round space with a large round exit through which I can watch the snow fall.

I am snuggled into dense, magical white fur, from the elder snow beings who gave it up gladly and with all their love, and I am supremely comfortable, supremely warm in my body, and the air I am breathing is fresh, and tingling with purity, sparkling with life, with potential, pre--existence and possibility.

I breathe deeply and relax more.

I close my eyes although I don't want to stop watching the snow fall so beautifully against the dark sky outside; the snow flakes shimmering and illuminated by the soft aqua glow from the ice cave.

So beautiful ... so enchanting ...

My eyes close but the snowflakes do not disappear; instead, they turn into sparkling stars that are no longer outside but they are all around me; falling directly upon all of me and then entering into me, little tiny energy shocks each one - my, what a sensation!

In response, I start to uncurl myself, open myself up wide to let the tiny stars fall into me, through me, into every part of me, every level, every layer, and even into the spaces that lie between them.

As they fall, they seem to shift frequency now; from the aqua the tiny stars turn more towards green, fresh spring green, so, so beautiful, so enlivening and at the same time, so, so soothing ...

I can sense the frequency shifting elegantly, seamlessly until the tiny stars are sparkling in a sunlight yellow, and I drink them in now, draw them towards me hungrily as they shift towards the most glorious, rich amber gold and then into sunrise orange, pink and purple ... when the stars turn into ultraviolet and all the colours I have never known before, I simply become one with them and fall asleep ...

For a thousand years or more, I slept and dreamed of wondrous things; I soared freely and in sheer delight; reached new dimensions where I played, and sang, and danced; feasted on universal wells and drank the music of unfoldments, folding fountains bright, delightful beings drawing stories, sweeping arcs of shimmering light and so much more, until I felt the gentle call to now return, step down and come to where is home right now ...

in the snow cave, snuggled sweetly still within the furs, my eyes are open and I see the snow, still falling, still dancing just for me, as it has always been, as it will be forever.

Silvia Hartmann
Feb 8, 2021

  by Silvia Hartmann
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