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HypnoDream Hypnosis Script - Ice River by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

HypnoDream Hypnosis Script - Ice River by Silvia Hartmann

Free HypnoDream Hypnosis Script - Ice River by Silvia Hartmann

HypnoDreams Energy Hypnosis Script


Ice River

What's the difference between a "normal" hypnosis induction and a HypnoDream?

Well that is a question I could some years answering, but in essence HypnoDreams really do not concern themselves AT ALL with "earthly success" or weight loss, but are devices for developing the psychic circuitry - intuition, PSI, OBE, flow between the energy mind and conscious awareness, spiritual awareness and the like.

In Ice River, I am utilising a time tested device for lucid dreaming or out of body travel, namely the movement along the line of vision merging at the far horizon. This is quite hard to do by yourself, but with the aid of a lady hypnotist, it's actually easy :-)

There is more to this, of course. One of these "more" things is to have people be less afraid of psychic experiences and phenomena, so one needs to establish a real sense of safety and return. Another important aspect is to deal with motivation - why should we do these strange psychic endeavours?

Well ... because there are sleeping things, snug and safe in timeless slumber, and there is a glory here, a beauty, that can't be known in any other way, in any other place ...


And for the EmoTrance students amongst us, note the subtle and really unusual energy movements that happen in this journey, even if you just read it to yourself.

Energy states hypnosis, especially for the psychic circuitry, is really the most fascinating thing ...

But I must stop about this now, else we'll be here forever, literally. So, here is ...


Ice River 


Let’s transport ourselves for a moment

to a different place, a different time

of where the autumn turns to winter

scapes, a gentle merging as the sun

is low on the horizon and the air

tastes sharp and clear.


We would stand

in warming furs, well covered

snug within

and we would see ahead

a river white and wide

straight river, out into

the far perspective where

the banks have merged

before the low horizon

meets the single point

in distance.


And we would step upon

our starting point,

a frozen lake

so deeply frozen,

thickest glass

of white and blue

so solid now

beneath our feet

and as our feet

would quite without

our mind’s command

would now begin

to move and slide

and skate in

rhythmic pulses

left to right

and as our bodies

bend into the movement

and our arms begin

to reach as well

thus we begin

our journey



on the river white

and raise our eyes

to where the point

of far perspective lies

and we begin to travel


Faster, faster still and lighter,

each forward pulse

increases the momentum

each forward pulse

adds speed and now we

seem to fly towards

the point of far perspective

where the land must

meet the sky and all is

one, and silent white,

pulse travelling

pulse carrying

pulse flying

as the point expands

and seems a light

and seems to grow

in brightness and

you know

the doorway

lies before you

as you keep your eyes

towards the gate of far perspective

as you approach

and it grows more defined

and clearer

in your vision

soft white

and pulsing with a beat

that is the same

that pulses in your body

that brings you closer

closer with each beating

of your heart

it grows

the doorway grows

and now it fills your vision

here it is,

here you are

here you have arrived

at the gate of far perspective

and another pulse or two or three

bring you into the white

and white is right and all there is

and for a moment there is

nothing but the movement

on continuing and phasing

slowing from the impetus

relaxing down and slowing more

until you passed the gate

and you become aware and see:


The winter world  before you

and the river still

and frozen still it is for

you to travel glass and icy smooth

and yet it is a river and it turns

and loops through winter lands.


Slowly and without the slightest effort

you begin to glide the Winter River

and you see along the banks on either side

fantastic landscapes, crisp and white

the sky so radiant blue above

and all is winter still and reverend.


Gently you glide by

and you perceive

enchanted castles,

frozen wells

and there’s a knowing

that there’s sleeping things,

snug and safe

in timeless slumber

deep beneath

the sweeps and crests

of ancient ice

that lies a beautiful

frozen ocean

stretching far

and further still.


Gently you glide by

and you perceive

ice mountains,

sparkling glass

fantastic sculptures

that are beautiful

and they are here

as they could be

not anywhere

but here


Gently you glide on

and know that this

is now a world

that others never seek

to seek, nor seek to



And as you travel,

and observe,

and as you travel

and you marvel at the beauty

and the clarity

the timelessness

and perfect beauty of the white

your world grows larger

and a part that has been

long denied

has taken and is taking now

its rightful place


and you can know

as darkness falls

and Northern Lights play

in the sky

beneath your closing arc

that there is magic here

that there is much

you never thought to seek

that you might think

of coming here again

to seek and find

to learn and love

to stand before

the vastness and the beauty

and you might find

the kind of treasure here

that simply cant be known

in any other way.


Glide by

Beneath the banding lights

of dancing jade and purple,

celestial blue and greens

in hues you’ve never known

you glide on by to find

the gate of far perspective

for your journey here

was one of recognition

and of admiration

and of re-connection

to a something

that you might have thought

you had forgotten

and yet that lives

and sleeps and breathes

forever in a beauty

that cannot be found

in any other place.


Beneath the diamond stars

in stillness you return

and close the distance gently

as the gate grows from the point

of far perspective

widening on your approach

and with a tiny sense

of regret at leaving once again so soon

and with a small decision

to return when time is here and time is right

you move towards the growing gate of white

that takes you back and through into

your time of mind, and back and through


your time of here and now, a gentle dissolution

of the magic and a gentle drifting back to self

in thought, in mind, in


as your awareness of the here-and-now

comes back in gentle waves,

in gentle waves of feelings and sensations

here and now and bright aware

retaining and remembering.


© Silvia Hartmann 2001

Note: Ice River is published on HypnoDreams Vol.1, The Wisdom of the Water, and is available as a free MP3 download from

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