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On A Hill Outside Jerusalem - A Soul Pilot Story by Margarita Foley

by Margarita Foley & Silvia Hartmann

On A Hill Outside Jerusalem - A Soul Pilot Story by Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley ascended on December 31st, 2021. She was a beloved GoE Member, GoE Trainer and she LOVED Sanctuary/SuperMind. Margarita was also one of the Soul Pilots research team in 2004. Here is one of her stories.

On a Hill Outside Jerusalem
I go to the hill outside Jerusalem as I feel there are people waiting there for me. I look up and see three figures on crosses. Straight away I recognize the figure of Jesus. I know he is very broken and very disfigured and as I look up I notice the pain and the peace in his eyes. I look at the two people on the crosses beside him and one of them looks at me with beseeching eyes. He speaks to me and says, "There are hundreds of us out there waiting for you."

Suddenly behind him I see a long line of men and women walking in procession.

They all look as if they are travelling to the gallows or to a place of execution. I look closely at them and then one face stands out from the crowd. I look into those deep anxious eyes and feel a great sadness for this man. It is as if his terrible history lies buried in his eyes. There is hurt and hatred and bewilderment here. He is coming to a point of acknowledging his chaotic life, but suddenly anger blazes and he never speaks except with his eyes.

I feel frightened and wonder why I am here. The third figure shouts at him, “You deserve this you b…..d.” The man looks as if he has lost all fight and yet straightens himself up and looks up at the man.

 At that moment it is as if he recognises himself in the voice and face of the man hanging there and he remains silent.

 I look up at Jesus and notice his look at the man facing execution. It is a quiet compassionate look. I speak to the angry man and tell him, “This man here did nothing to hurt anyone and yet he is in the same place as you are. Look up at him and see the gift he has for you."

 The man did not look up immediately, but kept his eyes fixed on the ground. He remained in silence for a few minutes as if struggling to accept the love and compassion in that look. I prayed and waited and watched the beautiful look that passed from Jesus to the man. I think I heard Jesus say quietly, “Father forgive them they did not know what they were doing.”

I stood there watching the man’s face. He looked very pensive but suddenly he pulled a book from his pocket. It was a holy book from his childhood.

“Thank you brother”, he said as he pulled himself up to his full height and walked away into the night.


Sister Margarita Foley - The Soul Pilots Photograph

Margarita Foley, Soul Pilot




  by Margarita Foley & Silvia Hartmann
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