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Golden Woolbeast Gather

Golden Woolbeast Gather

This is bit of fun which came about as I went to a poetry forum which had a section for "wool gathering and strange ideas" - but there wasn't a single entry! How disappointing! I wanted to remedy the situation and make a post. At first I thought I might post about the ultraviolet beings but then instead, wrote this especially ... ..

golden woolbeast poem illustration by silvia hartmann

Golden Woolbeast Gather


Wool must be gathered,

thread must be spun

to make magic carpets

for every one.

Hunting the woolbeasts,

slender and wild

golden and olden

no task for a child.

Swooping across

the chasms of time

the swirling dimensions,

I will make you mine.

Oh woolbeast and so

you may thrash you may flail

your serpentine flight

won't be to avail!

Your great golden fleece

my trophy shall be

and the carpet it weaves

becomes destiny.

I hold you and harvest

your bounty of gold

a treasure of riches,

of stories untold.

Naked and shamed

you creep to the night

your thin shaven shape

an unfortunate sight.

Yet fear not, good woolbeast

your wool will regrow

more strongly than ever,

more golden the glow.

As I swoop away

to the gathering sky

to the woolbeasts and all,

I now bid goodbye ...



© Silvia Hartmann 04

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