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Give Me Something Beautiful Today ...

Give Me Something Beautiful Today ...

"Give Me Something Beautiful Today ..." is an example of what you can say to your own energy mind to set the contract for a vision or a Project Sanctuary experience.Β This is a slightly more advanced version of the simple instant energizing habitats, healing habitats or sleep habitats as it goes beyond just taking in the energy of that world and into an actual threshold shift.

So here is the story ...

Give Me Something Beautiful Today ...

I find myself standing and looking out at the most perfect early autumn day, on an early afternoon.

The sky is a beautiful pale blue, ethereal, banded with streaks of white and the sun is perfect, warming yet not aggressive.

There is a light wind and moisture in the air, the ground is warm after a long hot summer – season of mist and mellow fruitfulness, indeed.

I sigh with pleasure, breathe in deeply of that perfect autumn day and let those energies run into me, just like a hungry and thirsty person would stuff handfuls of ripe berries into their mouth and nearly faint with the pleasure of it.

This is so perfect, I am so grateful for my energy mind to have sent me this perfect day that I'm already perfectly happy and I don't need any more than this.

Still, there is a wide, wide meadow sweeping out in front of me, green and golden, and stately trees leading into a great forest on my left. Far in the distance, misty mountains rest beautifully, and over far away on the right, I see a band of silver that tells me there is a river there, or perhaps a lake.

I tune in further and try and ascertain who this person is I am inhabiting, what they are doing here.

I find they are standing on the side of a road, and there is a waiting carriage which will convey them into the forest – their future home lies in the forest, a beautiful place for a new life.

Yet there is no hurry to rush to the carriage to take up the journey. Simply standing here and looking at the meadow and the mountains is so perfect, so wonderful, it is just as wonderful as the amazing house that awaits me on the rise of a hill in the forest. I am astonished to note there is no difference in the joy of it, here, or there; there is no running towards the future on this occasion.

I turn and look at the road, where I came from, and I know that I lived another life by the shores of the lake, and that too was blessed and most wonderful.

As I realise this, I find a most perfect balance – the past was good, the present is good just the same, and so is the future!

Everything expands around me and I feel for the first time in my life what true freedom feels like, what that actually is, when you're not running from the past, or trying to cling on to it; when you're not denying the present, and the future is just as good.

I am speechless in this balance, in this freedom.

The experience lasts for just a moment, but it was eternal in essence; when it is complete, I go to the carriage, leaving the beautiful meadows and views and the past at the shining lake without the slightest hesitation of regret, and without the slightest hurry take up my path to my new home in the forest.

SFX 2008

This story was originally published inΒ The Genius Symbols 1st Edition as an example of aΒ Project Sanctuary "Classic Game" story.

"Project Sanctuary is a map of your own inner manifesting realm; a guide for your unique garden, buildings, architecture; and a language and travel guide all rolled into one." Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

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