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The Ghost Pilots

by Silvia Hartmann

The Ghost Pilots

A student on the Project Sanctuary Masters Course from Singapore was experiencing difficulties with the concept of Soul Piloting. After some discussion, it turns out that "Soul" is not the word used in South East Asia to describe "a lost soul" as we Westerners do.

Instead, it has to be "ghosts" - and thus for our friends from the East, here are three stories of our first Asian "Ghost Pilot." Enjoy!

Amy Lim writes:

I think people here understand more to be called ghost piloting. For us, we believe everything have soul it it, we can travel to solve problem and talk to their soul even they are alive. We believe soul are our highest self.

People also believe ghost are lower soul that are were trapped and unknown they are dead or they had unfinished business and cannot reincarnated. Dead people are called spirit here and normally they will reincarnated within 49 days after dead or go to heaven. We believe spirit are good and ghost are bad one.

Here in our society, we do believe in ghost and I have a keen interest in helping them.

And this begin my journey......


Ghost Piloting

Story 1: The Angry Sister

It is a cooling spring morning; I walk into a Chinese garden and heading toward a lake.ย  I hear many birds singing, also many colourful butterflies and bees busily working on the flowers. It is a beautiful day but than I hear a lady crying. I go up to her and she is surprised that I can see her. She says that she had committed suicide when she was 20 years old in this lake many years ago. It was because her family misunderstood her but till now she is still angry of them. I try to ask her to let go and forgive her family and give herself a chance to move on. She is very stubborn and keeps on crying and tells me stories how bad her family was.

I make a light bubble and we both enter into the bubble and it bring us back to the times she had just diedย  We see that the family are very sad and they are keep crying and remorseful. They talk about the incident and she realised that she had wrong them and she also understand now that they love her deeply. Next, we travel back to her home now, it is the first time she see them after so many years. Most of her family members were dead now except her sister was still alive. She walks into her room and sees that everything belongs to her are so well kept just like when she was alive. She is now very regret but I tell her no point regretting, she has to learn to let go and feel love again. She says sorry to her family, and sits down to talk to her sister. Her sister is old and weak now but very glad to know the lady has forgiven them.

When they feel love together again, a golden light shines in from the window, the lady smile and tell us it is time for her to go for reincarnation. She says she has replaced her hatred with love and she will be happy to be able to reborn with them as a family again. At the same time, the sister has her last breath and passed away, both they hold hands together and disappear into the light.

Story 2: The Warrior Ghost

On a not summer night, I land on a cave on a deep forest. The entrance of the cave had been covered by brushes that I have to cut off them before I can enter the cave. When I begin to enter, I encounter count less bat flies out from the cave. I see many bones and skulls lying around, and some human belongings left behind.

When I walk further into the cave, I meet a big python guiding some boxes of treasures. A ghostly figure appears, he is a middle age Japanese man dressed in army uniform. I tell him I am here to help him and not eyeing on the treasure. He says he had lived in the cave since Japanese world war and his mission is to guide the treasures. He lived there with a few other soldiers, one day they found the cave was sealed and all of his friends died there out of food.ย  I notice he seems to unaware that he was dead when he mentioned about his story.ย  He went on guide the treasures and once a while there were treasure hunters broke the sealed gate and came to look for the treasures. They were all killed by this ghost soldier.

I tell him that the war had long over, he was dead and he was free to leave this place. He cannot believe it and show him he is already dead by a magical mirror. He also confessed that he had killed so many people and he does not know where he can go if he leave this cave. I tell him, he can pray with faith and love and a path will show to him. Of a sudden, a Japanese Goddess appears and tells him no doubt he had killed so many people but those people were died of greed. But he had been loyal to his country and the treasures; he will be guided to reincarnation.ย  Before he left, he gives me a small treasure box with colourful gems. He is still concern about the treasure in the cave and I make a magical seal to make the entrance of the cave disappeared so that no one can find them again. The goddess bring him and all other lost souls there to the life. When I look at these treasure gems again, it becomes a set of colourful stone of Genius Symbols logo on it. I can use this logo to help others.


Story 3: The Haunted Motel Room

I travel across a beautiful green meadow and come to a hilltop on a sunny day.

On this hilltop, a white nostalgic motel has been in business since century. I walk into the motel and understand that there is a room on the top floor that is haunted for a hundred year and no one dare to go near.

I enter the haunted room, and a strong wind blows at me. I hear a noise that is pushing the chair at the dressing table. I see a lady dress in Victorian costume seated at the dressing table and applying a red lip stick on her small lip. She is in her 40 and she seems to be very well dressed. I talk to her and offer my help for her soul to evolve. She says she does not want to leave this room because she is waiting for her husband. She still dresses up to wait for her husband. She told me that about a hundred year ago, she and her husband came here for holiday but that was their fatal holiday. They met a robber and killed her and her husband. She died on the spot and never sees her husband again.

I explain to her that her husband was dead and may be already reincarnated and he will never come back to her. She shall end her love attachment and move on. I advise her to left the motel and go for reincarnation, maybe she will have chance to meet her husband in another relationship again. She signs and agrees with me, she left me the red lipstick and disappears in the air. I open the curtains to let the sun into the room, the atmosphere has change and the room seem light and lively now. The room is ready to take in a new guestย  after vacuum for a hundred year.


Amy Lim, Singapore
  by Silvia Hartmann
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"When I was sent this book to review, I had no idea how powerful Project Sanctuary was. I found myself lucid dreaming and in the process discovered things about myself that delighted and astounded me." Morya Short. The Sedona Journal

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