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Genius & Insanity

"Genius and insanity go hand in hand" - "The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success" - "To be a true genius, you have to know insanity" - "There's only a fine line between genius and insanity" - how many times have you seen and heard genius and insanity paired in this way, as though these two concepts were related or even different sides of the same coin?

Here's how to be a real genius, and avoid insanity, in a nutshell.


Genius & Insanity

How To Be A Real Genius, And Avoid Insanity

Frequently Asked Questions About Genius & Insanity


Genius & Insanity go hand in hand - is it true?

It is true that in the past, people who have found access to their "genius" or rather, have started to experience genius visions, have had a tendency to be mentally unstable.

The way societies are constructed and the way humans have misunderstood the processes of genius (and insanity!) a great many barriers have been built up to stop people from having visions and contacting their own true genius mind within (the energy mind).

To break through these barriers, it was necessary to do insane things, or have insane experiences of trauma and suffering. Shamans of old used extreme physical pain and deprivation to "induce visions".

Also, across the ages people have used substances to induce the visions that are necessary for true genius insights and ideas. This is not exactly conducive to mental health, plus every substance and trauma puts their own slant on the visions and makes them unstable, and thus, insane.

So it is true that IN THE PAST, genius and insanity DID go hand in hand.

It is however neither necessary nor beneficial to have genius and insanity linked in this way, and to be a genius and have genius visions WITHOUT insanity is actually the structurally correct way for human beings to function.


Will I go insane if I "unleash" my genius?

True genius has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with insanity.

There really is no need to be afraid if you go about it the RIGHT way and apply logic and a natural, healthy process to contacting your genius mind (the energy mind) and processing the information you receive.

In the contrary, tens of thousands of people who have tried my methods have found that to use your genius right is immensely HEALING and leads to a HEALTHIER mind, less disturbed emotions, and healthy solutions at the genius level instead.

So the answer is, if you want to "unleash" your genius with drugs, poisons, crazy physical, emotional and/or mental torture and putting yourself in and through HELL, yes, you'll probably go insane.

If you unleash your genius in a straightforward, natural, ecological way and work WITH the way your systems are designed (rather than taking the pickaxe to them, and how INSANE is THAT!), then not only will you NOT go insane in the quest for genius, you will even repair what insanity there is already in you in the process.

Good news indeed!


Will OTHER PEOPLE think I'm insane if I become a real genius?

Hahahaa ...

Nice one!

From personal experience, I would say "No!" to that.

I am known to be VERY reasonable and I deal with visions and extraordinary streams of visionary experiences all the time, every day and every night.

I think that a lot of people (and that includes family and such) think I am UNUSUAL, and perhaps strange, but never accuse me of insanity, or even think that way, because clearly, I am not insane.

I would like to tell you that REAL GENIUS SOLUTIONS are never, ever insane, they're ASTONISHING, beautiful, amazing, real breakthroughs, and even though they are often not met right away with applause (because other people might fail to understand them fully), you get a great deal of respect from them.

A part of being a real genius is to apply that genius to YOURSELF and your own systems, to not drive yourself into insanity, to learn how to strike a balance between the extraordinary realms of visionary genius and the fact that you still have to pay your bills at the end of the day AND have some real fun while we're there.


I AM a genius, and I'm afraid I'm insane already ... what do I do now?

Insanity is being overwhelmed by emotions and information to the point that you can't process the information any longer and you start to feel afraid, lose control and spiral off into complete disturbance.

A lot of people make that breakthrough into genius BECAUSE OF TRAUMA - a lot of people who were sexually abused as children grow up to be real visionary geniuses - but they're also emotionally unstable (that's the classic "genius and insanity go hand in hand" problem!)

To stabilise your systems and repair old damage, especially in the energy system, is your first commandment. I recommend Energy Psychology, that will help you become more stable.

Secondly, I advise strongly you STOP using emotional pain, artificial drugs, stress from emotional, mental and physical pressure to "make visions happen". That's how it happened accidentally in the past but it's too damaging long term and not worth it, plus remember your genius visions won't be clear and clean if they are triggered from states of stress chaos/high disturbance/outbursts of insanity.

Thirdly, I highly advise you get your visions under control using The Genius Symbols and you LEARN how to ask specifically for what you want to receive visions for, as well as LEARN HOW TO manage and sort the information you receive.

If you're still un-insane enough to read this and make sense of it, it's certainly not too late to bring this incarnation back under control!

  • A last word of advice: if a FEAR OF INSANITY stops you from really accessing the genius within that IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT AS A HUMAN BEING, start treating this fear TODAY with EFT or EMO
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