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Genius Bath By Candle Light

Genius Bath By Candle Light

Here is a lovely idea from Dimitra Paraschou, who is a current student on the Genius Symbols Intensive Distance Learning Course:

The Genius Bath By Candle Light.

Enjoy :-)

This was Dimitra's answer to the question at the end of Unit 3:

Compare how you are working with the symbols to when we first started. How is it different now?

At first I would only take one symbol per day and work with it,  feeling unprepared to work with the whole set. Also I would just do  the assignments and not interact with the symbols more.

Now I go on  and do more exercises or even try to work with the symbols on my own.

For example I had a bubble bath a few days ago and placed all symbols around the bathtub, lit candles and meditated. I would pick symbols randomly and hold each in  my hands for a while and then place it inside the bathtub to have the water absorb its energy.

I have to say that after this bath, I felt  more empowered and creative, had many ideas about healing techniques that involve symbols and water healing and had a clearer idea about  my goals and desires.

So now I interact with the symbols more creatively and freely!

Indeed, and the Genius Bath is a super idea that can be used to charge up the entire system - mind, body and spirit! - in a delicious way.

You can extend this and set a topic for the Genius Bath - it could be a prosperity bath, a love bath, an inspirational bath, a deeply meditative bath, a sexy bath ... whatever you need to light you up and make you sparkle!

Thanks for that excellent idea, Dimitra and here's to more energy and more creativity!

SFX :-)

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