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From Project Sanctuary To SuperMind

by Silvia Hartmann

From Project Sanctuary To SuperMind

Why and how we went from Project Sanctuary to SuperMind - and what the difference is.

Original post 2016, updated 2019.


And so it came to pass that the Guild of Energists prepared for the โ€œBig Eโ€ change over in November of 2016. The Third Field, that of Modern Energy, was to come out of the closet at last and do what it should be doing, namely educating the mainstream about the reality and importance of energy.

In the course of this, we went to work updating and stream lining all the course manuals and books.

As always, the absence of Project Sanctuary was painful and irritating.

Why weren't we teaching it?

Why wasn't I teaching it?

Clearly, the world needs Project Sanctuary as much or possibly even more than any other methodology from Modern Energy.

I thought about this for a long time and finally came to the conclusion that Project Sanctuary was what it said on the tin - a project, a research project.

I wanted to know what would happen to people who played with PS a lot, and over a long period of time. I needed to know whether it was safe, or what results it would produce.

It is bad science to run your experiments, especially one as potentially impactful as this, and to cut off your research before long term effects have had a chance to manifest, at the "Whoohoo!" point, as I like to call it.

Bad Science Diagram

For example, in Pavlov's famous "ringing the bells" experiment, the dogs had to be switched out on a regular basis because they would simply go insane; the same is also true for Skinner's pigeons, who would end up pecking their own beaks bloody, driven to insanity by ongoing "random reward schedules." This sort of bad science is incredibly dangerous and produces techniques and methods that are held up to be effective, but are actually deeply destructive in the long run.

I don't do bad science, and I do not mess around with deep structural changes to the way we work with our human minds unless I am satisfied that the long term results are beneficial.

My research into what would happen if people used Project Sanctuary began in 1993. 25 years later, and I am satisfied that working in an immersive fashion with the energy mind is correct, and the right way forward.

So now we can move forward and create a simple system to teach people how to communicate with their energy minds.

Whilst looking for a suitable title, SuperMind emerged.

SuperMind Diagram

Now, we can ask the question, "What is the difference between SuperMind and Project Sanctuary?"

The answer takes us back to before there were any kind of energy based techniques that could change emotional states.

When Project Sanctuary was created, there was no EFT, no EMO, no Modern Energy Tapping.

The ONLY way to solve a Project Sanctuary puzzle was to use Project Sanctuary itself in order to solve it.

So, for example, if one wanted to find a magical healing flower, that grew high on top of a mountain far away, and this seemed like an impossible task, Project Sanctuary magic was employed to "make it happen."

We might assemble a team of wizards, elves and dwarves. We might have to first find a magical amulet, a magic sword and cloak, a dragon egg and quests to far flung places had to be undertaken.

This was exciting, but could be frustrating; and when people got stressed and went into "magic failure" (which is basically to sit in front of a mountain and crying, because you've forgotten that you can fly, or make the mountain disappear, or shrink it into a row of pebbles that just can step over, and on, and on, and on!), it would be quite complex and involved to get to a threshold shift.

But we did get to the threshold shifts, and Project Sanctuary solved "Energy Puzzles," created healing, breakthrough insights, and Star Events - long before we had anything else.

Project Sanctuary also generated fascinating techniques as a bye the bye - The Gift is the first and oldest of these, and it is still being taught and used by so many all over the world.

However, now we do have the direct Modern Energy techniques.

When there is any kind of problem in Sanctuary, we can EMO it or energy tap on it, and it is gone.

There is no more need for long and harrowing quests, Lord of the Rings style, up the mountains, down the dales, and round the landscapes of the Sanctuary realms.

The pathway between the beginning of the quest, and the threshold shift at the end, has been straightened and made easily accessible to all.

The Modern Energy Chart shows us what we have to do when our Sanctuaries are overrun by crazy demons - simply raise energy, and they will disappear.

And that's why SuperMind can now be taught to the general public.


The Energy Mind In Context

Project Sanctuary had no context other than the general idea that we human beings think with two minds - the conscious mind, and the energy mind, and that the two should learn to work together.

In Modern Energy, the Energy Mind is one of the three SuperSystems or HEROS (Higher energy reality operating systems) which also includes the Heart of Energy and The Immortal Soul in the Triad model.

We also make the observation that the entire energy system is totally unbalanced by the conscious mind "running too hot" - trying to solve problems that it was never meant to solve, going crazy and spinning out of control without the help of its structural partner, the Energy Mind.

Now we can say to people that if they want a truly healthy energy system, they cannot afford to ignore the Energy Mind any longer.

We can also use an array of Modern Energy methods to help that essential re-connection between the conscious mind and the Energy Mind along, for example working with the Energy Mind entitiy and increasing the love, and making Set Ups in the Heart Position, addressing the Energy Mind as "DEAR Energy Mind!"

Bringing the Energy Mind back to the party as the "brain of your living energy body" makes perfect sense in the context of Modern Energy, and SuperMind is now taught at the Foundation level, as one of the three essential methods to work with the Triad Model and bring about positive changes.


8 Billion Prophets

I have said repeatedly that in order to move humanity out of the old, and into the new, it simply isn't good enough that there should be one prophet every 2000 years or so.

It isn't even good enough to have a new prophet every year.

What we need is 8 Billion Prophets, and they all need to work together in high energy states, where they can group bubble and become more than the sum of their parts.

It is in the ability to start thinking with the SuperMind that we can literally create as many new prophets as we need.

SuperMind makes this super easy.

Any person who can cross the road on most days without getting run over can activate their own SuperMind. After all these decades of testing this assertion, I now know this to be true.

SuperMind is the special ingredient that makes Modern Energy completely unique as a construct, as a matrix.



The I dream of Mountains Illustration - people dream only in one language


I Dream Of Mountains

The fact is that at the end of the day, the language of the energy mind is the real and original language that binds humanity.

That is a huge deal and a wonderful starting point.

I want the Guild of Energists to focus on Modern Stress Management, getting people out of the negative ranges of the Modern Energy Chart and into the positives.

There, we can start to think.

The truth is that in order to activate the SuperMind, we need to be energy high.

The resources of the energy mind can help us achieve this, and much more beyond.

Welcome to SuperMind and with all my deepest love and admiration for Project Sanctuary and all that it gave us,

Silvia Hartmann

June 2016/2019


PS: I still play Project Sanctuary. The greatest game in time and space continues!

  by Silvia Hartmann
"So much to explore, so much to create, so much infinite time to do it all in Project Sanctuary."ย Barbara Saph

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