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Fostris - Channeler Challenge

Fostris - Channeler Challenge

This is what a 14 year old boy who isn't that interested in metaphor, creativity or therapy managed to do stone cold with this Project Sanctuary game (details below).

What he found has now been used by many as a way to calm "Ashtars" - a codename Project Players have for their spirit selves.

The young gentleman was further inspired to produce a piece of digital art to give an impression of the Fostris habitat. Excellent!

The Player reports:

As I opened my eyes I found myself standing on a large plain but instead of grass there was a soil ground type and instead of it being green it was earthy/orange colour. I looked up and no the sky was not blue with white clouds but instead it had a green sky with white/green foggy clouds. I gazed around where I was and I was in a sort of desert type plain but there was a big mountain in front of me and it was the same colour as the ground.

As I looked around more I saw some trees north-east of me about 40ft away from the mountain but they were no ordinary earth/stargate alien planet trees. The trunks of the trees were darkish purple and the leaves were a sky blue colour.

Me and my Ashtar walked towards the trees and I touched them and they were quite soft and I found that I could pull of pieces of the bark with great ease.

As I was walking around the trees and looking at there branches I felt my foot collide with something.

I looked down to see between two roots a light purple sphere a bit bigger than a soccer ball.

I picked it up and found that it's texture was as hard as marble and it was as heavy as two medium sized crystal balls.

As I looked at it more I saw that a light purple glow was emitting from it and I knew that there was something inside it.

So we walked over to the mountain with the sphere under my arms and found a sharp pointy rock and I started to hit the sphere with the rock until it cracked.

I took a piece of the sphere off and I put it on the ground and what I saw in the sphere shocked me.

It was filled with a light-green slime substance and I put my hand in the sphere and I felt several hard/stony things in the rock.

I picked one out of the sphere and I found that it was a grey coloured rock with purple sparkles all over it.

I wanted to see if it did anything so I got a bottle of water and a rag from my rucksack and I washed the green slime off and cleaned it up.

As soon as I did that I knew what the rocks were for.

My Ashtar got nearer to the rock and stared to yawn a lot and in 30 seconds it fell asleep right there on the spot.

So I realised that these rocks were powerful spiritual being sleeping tablets.



  • This was a response to the "Channeler Challenge" from the Project Sanctuary list.


1. Go visit the Akashic records or take a trip to a higher council of beings or such.

2. Bring back one thing for this group and share it with us.

3. It can be any little thing, a gift, an object, an idea or an insight, just so long as you go and do it and bring it back.

Takes only five minutes if that and no candles are required, have a go!

"Look, it's as easy as imagining yourself on the transporter pad of the Enterprise. Close your eyes in your imagination. Transport. Open them again and where do you find yourself? What's the colour of the sky? What do you see? Where are you? What happens next?" SFX

"What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do Project Sanctuary. Of course. What else?" Silvia Hartmann

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