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Energy Hypnosis Script "Our Dimensions" plus internal representations exercise by Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Hypnosis Script "Our Dimensions" plus internal representations exercise by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Hypnosis Script

& Exercise In Internal Representations:


Our Dimensions

or: Proof That Certain Words Con Contain A Great Many Pictures

Here is a fascinating thing - you've heard, I take it, the general "truism" that "A picture says more than a thousand words"?

Well, here are a thousand words that say more than - just how many pictures?

The following energy hypnosis metaphor hypnosis script is called "Our Dimensions" and can be found on HypnoDreams Vol. 3 - Freedom.

As an interesting exercise, go through this hypnotic induction and as you read it out, make a note of the PICTURES that arise.

You don't have to see them all, for there are many in this one energy hypnosis induction script; and of course, these pictures are often in flow as they morph from one into the other and the action takes place, movie style - we swoop and dive and see a great many things, and all these are just triggered by the WORDS.

But see what you can see; and think of it in terms of finding "pictures" that you could hang on the wall, scenes that could be painted, filmed or photographed.


Here is:


Our Dimension


So what
can we say this morning,
that can't be said before,
that has not been said before,
that wants to sing and dance
like magic should,
for dancing is its very nature -

That is why you cannot win
if you confine it into symbols
heavy with metal,
heavy with age.

Light on your feet must you be,
lightly responding,
light is the guide,
responding to sound
with such alacrity,
With superb sensitivity ...

That's how it is done, my friend!

This evil gravity and dominance,
the hierarchies and all that jazz,
oh dear oh dear!

Forget it all, and let
the weight of ages,
simply slide away
from your rounded shoulders, rounded back,
from your rounded minds
all weary they are,
all heavy and close to exploding
with anger at the wrongness of it all!

Sing and dance!

Twist like dolphins do,
and spin, for the joy of it
and nothing more,
and watch the zebra
being taken by a lion,
and that's a dance as well with partners two,
we watch the dance of life,
and not until we can appreciate
its beauty everywhere,
in bone and maggot,
in the newborn souls and clouds alike
is that our dance begins in earnest,
and in earnest means in joy
and full of light deliverance.

Whenever I stand
at the edge of time and space,
and look
at the beautiful waves that lay beyond,
I wonder.

I wonder why the flying
is just such a challenge,
such a most enormous undertaking
and more than all combined,
I know that this is such
a purely human judgement
and I wonder why I still believe
in such incompetence.

But you must laugh.

Blue is eternity,
and more than that,
of course.

It beckons us all
at every step,
at every moment
and the distant wide horizons
are imbued
with such beautiful
and incandescent graduations
that to simply turn and fall
with grace
and without gravity
would be a deeply held release at last -
here lies exactly what I wanted all along,
to know the depth and breadth of my endeavour,
and if I wanted to explore
the meanings of the colours
and of ultraviolet, it would
come to me quite naturally, of course -
what else
it be?

Forward and to the left
is a dance step.

It's the first step on the journey
from which there can be no return
and oh did I once yearn
to have it be this way!

That I might see this way,
this way of beauty and of true endeavour,
leading me nowhere at all
but in the act of falling to myself
I find a resolution,
I find my wide awakening
and ceremony of cleansing
fast now,
all the stuck on madness is resolving,
blasted high and wide
for how could such a thing be

Like purest winds of blue
and cold but gold
and vibrant all the same,
the rushing takes
the debris far away from me
and lets it scatter, shatter -
the purer I become,
the purer do the notes and sounds
become in turn
as I am nothing but an instrument,
the instrument of voice
through which the oldest story must be told
and it is true that I am old,
but old is black
and young is white
and light is not what you might think;
to feel it like you feel the sun is never that,
for suns are young
and know the difference not
of light and heat and fire bright
and this is right for they do light the night
and set our worlds alight
with fire and with life
as is their task and resolution.

Cheer them wildly, cheer them mildly,
cheer the children of the universe
in their first becoming and their youthful innocence!

And in the interim it is achieved '
perfection and affectionate involvement lies aside
and so the song is ever purer, ever clearer '
loud enough that we may hear.

Remember the sea,
remember the earth
remember the sky
and remember the soaring -
all things are
as once I knew them
in every way, so intimately!

And then there is that thing
I said to you that night,
that I will take you,
make you my prisoner,
and I will make you beg
to stop the joy and the delight,
I will turn
your body
the most finely tuned
so that you scream and writhe
for simply having now perceived
a touch of feather wind across your brow
and you cry,
your tears are rivers seeking elder deserts
where the skeletons of giant fish proclaim
this was an ocean once
and needs to be again
to raise the seeds
asleep beneath the dust and sand
to life once more,
deep underwater flowers, gardens,
creatures like you well remember
but you never knew
and kingdoms, singing kingdoms
life abounds and fills the void '
oh my saviour,
and yes you are,
so cry
for your life,
for mine and theirs
and all of old and new together,
feel and cry and laugh
for as the sounds rise from your throat
and spiral from your perfect mouth,
your shell smooth lips are shaping spheres
and folding fountains bright,
the angels come for they are borne this way,
and swoop and flutter
into our dimensions.

© Silvia Hartmann, 2004


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