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EMO With A Dragon

by Margreet Vink

EMO With A Dragon

So I waved and started my way up the mountain. It wasn’t hard to do in the beginning, but a bit later the path became less passable. I got to the part where there is less vegetation, and a bit later to the part were there is hardly any vegetation. I came to a valley in the mountains, and in that valley was a dragon.

A big, beautiful shining dragon.

His colours were yellow and orange and red. And although he was fire-breathing, I could see he was in pain. One of his beautiful wings was wounded. Because of his wounds he was irritated to see me, and spit some fire my way.


emotrance dragonI stepped out of the fire line and started to sing. I sung a song about the unicorns and in how they had healed this land, and how I had joined them and healed with them. I was strange how the words and music came to my mind, and I can’t recall how it all went, but the dragon seemed to become calmer. He sang back to me if I was the one that was mentioned in the prophecy. I sang to him that the unicorns told me I was.

The dragon looked at me as if he could hardly believe it. Compared to him I am so tiny. Well, anyway I said to the dragon that I was probably up here to help him heal his wing. The dragon said, beware, you can only do this if you are healed yourself. If not, my fire will destroy you. I answered back that I probably was, because the unicorns and my guide had both told me that I was ready to go to this place. He let me come closer and I could look at his wounds. They weren’t recent, and it appeared if they had been there for ages. I asked him what caused these wounds.

The dragon told me that in the days of the evil king he had a twin brother. They looked the same, but their hearts were different. His brother became the servant of the king, in order to terrify and scare the citizens, and in this way keep the king in place. The dragon himself had asked the universe to help this terrible suffering place. As a reaction the spaceship and the unicorns arrived. This made his twin brother go furiously mad. He saw that his way of living would soon end. An enormous fight between the two brothers took place. It must have looked like fireworks in the sky. The dragon managed to win the battle and his brother died, but his wing got seriously burned. So the dragon did fall down from the sky and has lived from that day in this valley. And although the physical wounds were healed, he was still very wounded by having to kill his brother. And all the guilt and misery about this had all been stored in his wounded wing. He couldn’t fly anymore. No-one knew how to heal him and a prophecy was told, that one day a healer would come.

Well and there I was. I had to help heal the dragon. I scratched behind my ears and thought, well EMO should also work on dragons I guess. I didn’t have to ask him were he had stored this energy in his body, that was pretty obvious. And my healing powers had become better, because I could clearly see the energy blockages in his wing. So I just took heart and stepped to the dragon’s wing.

I asked him which part was the most painful. He said it was the part at the back of his wing. I could clearly see a big purple spot at that place. So I explained the EMO principles to him and asked him if he could focus his intention on this particular spot. My energy person seemed to have become much bigger, so I could easily reach the spot high above me. I united his and mine healing intention in order to soften and flow this energy. The dragon needed much encouragement and soothing, but after a while you could see the purple get lighter and lighter, and finally leave his wing at the back. The dragon seemed quite exhausted after this and I wondered if some Innocent Energy could help him. I was a bit worried about a summer rain on a dragon, worried if it would extinguish the dragon. It was as if he could read my mind, and the dragon reminded me of what I just taught him, it is only energy. So we evoked a lot of innocent energy and the dragon calmed down. I felt we both had to sleep before healing the next spot, so I rested beside the dragon and we both fell into a peaceful sleep.

So, when we woke again we felt both much better. The next blockage I saw was deep red, and kind of in the middle of his wing. So, we softened and flowed, and everything went nicely. We weren’t as tired this time, so we looked at a royal blue blockage, nearly at the bottom of his wing, we dissolved this one again, and after this one the dragon sang a really beautiful song, with a voice you wouldn’t expect from a dragon. I can’t repeat the lyrics or the music, it was in an old forgotten language, but I was certain that this was the EES [energized end state] for the dragon.

He looked so very happy and delightful. His colours were brighter and more vivid.

We discussed in what to do next. There were several more blockages. The dragon sighed and said, well, I’m waiting already for 1600 years, a few days more won’t make a difference, and though I feel wonderful, I’m also tired. So we rested again. When we woke again, the remaining blockages did change, the all merged together and made a very big, light pink kind of blockage. We both went to sleep with an healing intention, and that must have set our energy bodies to work. We laughed at each other and worked on the big blockage. I had already softened up a bit, so it wasn’t difficult to get it moving.

As it flowed out of the top of his wing you could see a rainbow coming out. It wasn’t an ordinary rainbow, it was much more colourful, much brighter and it sparkled. The dragon spit a lot of fire out of joy.

Sorry, he said, didn’t mean to burn you, I just feel so alive. Let me see if I can move my wing. He tried it, and yes, he could. He tried it another time and then he flew. It was a great joy seeing him fly, turning and looping and everything you can do when flying. Then he landed again and invited me on his back.

I was excited to fly on a dragon’s back, so I agreed. I climbed at his back and off we went. It is great feeling the wind through your hair and seeing the world beneath you. As we flew the dragon blessed the earth beneath us. You could see the blessings fall down as a golden mist. I was delighted and screamed with joy. Then we both sang a song, it was something I never experienced before.

As we flew, we came near a chain of mountains.

“There”, the dragon said while looking at the highest top, “there is my family, oh, did I miss them!” So we flew to the mountain top and there they were, captured in ice, but we could see that they were alive. The dragon and I stood both on each side of the ice bulb. The dragon said, when we both intend warmth we must make some progress, although I’m not yet sure how to break the spell, but according to the prophecy, you should know the answer. I panicked a bit, because I hadn’t the slightest idea in how to break spells, but I just trusted on everything I learned here, and thought that the answer would come to me.

“That’s the spirit!”, the dragon said. So we send both our warmest intentions to the ice, and indeed, it became a bit thinner. I asked the dragon if he couldn’t use his fire, but he said that if he would, he would kill them all, that was part of the spell. The healing that we both did has made them inside the ice a bit livelier and the lady dragon looked me in the eyes. Suddenly I thought about a gift I got from the unicorns. I grabbed for my bag, and took the thing out of the paper. It was sort of a symbol in a strange kind of stone. It reminded me of a clef, but it was nevertheless completely different. When I looked back ad the lady dragon she nodded slowly. I called upon the dragon and showed him the ‘key’. The dragon shouted with joy, “Now I know that you’re the one. We need this to set them free.” I said, “Yes, you’re right, but where to we have to put this?”

“You don’t have to put it anywhere, you hold it with both hands in front of you, and you say three times loudly: Habernackel, habernackel, it is my command to set them free. And you will need a very strong mind when you do so. You must have the intention to set them free.”

I said, "Ok, I can do that." So I planted my feet firmly in the ground, took the key with both stretched arms in front of me and I said with all the intention and authority I could find three times: “Habernackel, habernackel, it s my command to set the free!”

As I had spoken the last words the ice seemed to get mad. It melted and broke, but you could see it fight back. I had a hunch, I said to the dragon. There is more to it, to break the spell completely you have to do the same thing as I did. So the dragon took the key, held it in front of him and spoke with so much intention that it seemed like a thunderstorm. When he spoke the last words, all the ice subsided.

You could see the dragon’s family come to life and the dragon hugged his wife. They flew up and hugged each other in the sky; it was magnificent to see them turn. For ages they have been separated and I felt grateful that I had been a part of this event.

When they landed again, they both hugged their children and then they started to sing all together. I can honestly say that I never heard something like that before. I could feel it through all my body and I was touched in every fibre of my being. It was really something to be there and witness this.

© Margreet Vink 2007


  by Margreet Vink
"Deepest, heartfelt thanks to Silvia Hartmann and the powers that be for presenting Project Sanctuary and the whole paradigm that radiates around it - or perhaps from it. First time I have ever been able to honestly say “life-altering transformational!" Laura Moberg

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