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Destiny A Poem

Destiny A Poem

A short poem about Destiny ... Created with Project Sanctuary.



the wind is high,
the air is clear,
is sharp - it carries
visions, sounds,
moments there of
fine blue light,
just sometimes,
and the time is right,
to turn your head
and raise your eyes,
look up,
what can you see?

Destiny ...

It's written in the stars,
it's written in the wars,
the moments of the men
and all that starts
will end again,
will be renewed,
it isn't long
before the forest floor
of blackened ashes
seems to start to writhe,
and bright green shoots
push forward, upward,
to the light,
unfold their wings,
the promise of
such splendid things ...

The flowers yet to come,
the fruit that will be
sweet and filled
with life itself,
and giant trees
their canopes cast shadow
on the garden,
on the new.


Silvia Hartmann November 2010


Gold light destiny illustration


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