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Cloud Angels

by Silvia

Cloud Angels

A healing poem, a poem about angels, a hypnotic poem ...

A poem and a picture as a birthday gift for a good friend.

Enjoy, with love.


Cloud Angels

Poem Cloud Angels Illustration


Don't let
your burdens
wear you down.

Look to the sky.

Can you


the clouds?

Watch the clouds
drift by,
keep your eyes
raised high,
look up,
not down,
and there
you'll see ...


The clouds are
and evolving,
never standing still,
never just one thing,
or another,
there's no question
there's no choice,
it's all right here,
and always right.

Look to the clouds
and look beyond,
and even if the day
is gray, you know
fair well that
there is sunshine
high above,
blue skies,
in radiance,
endless beauty,
that is how
we see them
with our human eyes.

And there,
above you
in the skies,
there fly
the angels,
white and wise they are,
and ever present,
and your gaze
their invitation,
pathway that arises,
pathway they will travel
to come to you,
to be with you,
to fold their
splendid wings
about you
and to say,
we love you,
and forever.

Silvia Hartmann

March 30th, 2010

  by Silvia
"So much to explore, so much to create, so much infinite time to do it all in Project Sanctuary."Β Barbara Saph

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