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The Classic Game, Star Matrix & The Future Orientation

by Silvia Hartmann

The Classic Game, Star Matrix & The Future Orientation

The Classic Game is nearly 40 years old now, and has been tested to certainty. Now, thanks to Star Matrix, its time has finally come.

*Includes my Star Memory that led to the concept of Future Orientation.

What is the time of day ... the time of year ...

You'll recognise the opening questions of the amazing Classic Game from SuperMind (Project Sanctuary) which are the key co-ordinates to create a stable habitat we can consciously enter and experience.

I've tested the Classic Game exhaustively and it had many different iterations before the questions were put in place in that exact order and sequence, starting with the time of day followed by the time of year as the first and most important things to know.

Now the Classic Game questions were designed to allow the energy mind to create a habitat that was custom made for the person by the person in order to gain energy, solve problems, cause an expansion on any given topic.

However, of course the Classic Game questions also work for any memory we wish to enter into.

Whilst everyone was obsessing about trauma and only trauma, it wasn't used that much - who wants to get fully into what amounts to a stable PTSD flash in order to re-experience exactly what went on with all six senses activated?

But now, we have Star Matrix.

Here, we want to "get into" the memories as fully and completely as possible, to re-experience the wonderful emotions, to remember every little detail in full technicolour, super stereo and sensorama.

We want to unlock all the information from those Star Memories, gain extra insights and connections with other Star Memories, have amazing AHA! moments and come away thoroughly enlightened and enriched from the journey into that Star Memory habitat.

In order to do that, we have the SuperMind SuperTool - the Classic Game, ready to go, nearly 40 years of real life testing accomplished, and we can finally use this to its full potential.

This came to my awareness on this dreary, windy, rainy November morning in England as I got up, looked out of the window and remembered a Star Event from 2005.

A mystical moment during a storm where I experienced my seemingly static house in which I live as actually being a ship that is constantly moving forward through the seas of time and space, travelling fast forward as the Earth, the solar system, our galaxy and all the galaxies storm forward in the eternal grand procession ...

This was an extraordinary experience which brought the concept of the Future Orientation into Modern Energy, and from this moment forward, we could say that I never looked back :-)

I am convinced that I remembered this today because the "my house is a ship that travels through time and space" moment had happened at the same time of day, and the same time of year.

Now we must be very, very clear that years aren't circles; no year is like any year before it, or any year to come. Not one single thing is "the same" about the 20th of November 2005 and November 2021.

Our whole galaxy is light years away from where it was at that other place; not a single rock has remained unchanged, not a person has stayed the same.

Everything is new.

One equals infinity.

It is, in truth, the most wonderful thing.

To me, this Star Memory today was a reminder that there is no merit in trying to hold back time; there can be no joy found in this desperate and hopeless endeavour.

To get back with the endless procession of the Great Creative Order, to lean into that enormous curve and to go with it is something so extraordinary, I don't have the words to describe it.

It is a form of coming home to the Great Creative Order, of which we human beings are a part, whether we like this or not.

It's a way of getting out of the Hard, and into a different world where magic sparkles, and love rains supreme.

I heard it said that what we know is a drop, and what there is, is an ocean.

Oceans of energy ...

What a beautiful reminder.

Silvia Hartmann
November 20th

The Classic Game is the gateway to the universe

  by Silvia Hartmann
"A visit to Project Sanctuary is simple to do and leaves you marvelling at the wonders to be discovered in your own mind." Margarita Foley

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