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Bad Hair Day? You Need The Genius Symbols!

Bad Hair Day? You Need The Genius Symbols!

A fun little anecdote from a TGS afficionado has a highly strung fashionista girlfriend who was to attend a special event and throwing a tantrum over which one of four possible hair salons to choose for the perfect hair styling.

This indecision and freakout went on all morning until finally, exhausted from this terrible problem, the fashonista sought help. The TGS guy held out his bag of symbols; the fashionista picked "Plant." Instantly, she cried, "I know which one I need to go to! It's the one with the Ayrvedic plant based products!" and made the appointment forthwith.

That's one of those things with the clarity of your own visions - you know when it's right, you can feel it and there's no doubt left.

What's interesting about this story is a) that the fashionista in question had no idea what the symbols meant, had never read the book nor any desire or interest in developing their visionary skills; and b) it shows that you can use the Genius Symbols for THE most mundane of problems too and they just work happily and without complaint.

And the haircut?

It worked out perfectly and looked very nice!

"When I was sent this book to review, I had no idea how powerful Project Sanctuary was. I found myself lucid dreaming and in the process discovered things about myself that delighted and astounded me." Morya Short. The Sedona Journal

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