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Aromatherapy For Your Soul - The Aroma Energy Project with Silvia Hartmann

by Silvia Hartmann

Aromatherapy For Your Soul - The Aroma Energy Project with Silvia Hartmann

Aromatherapy For Your Soul, Creative Aromatherapy, Aroma Energy and Essential Oils Online

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Aromatherapy For Your Soul

The Aroma Energy Project


Created By Silvia Hartmann


This project has had me fascinated and enthralled for over a year, and apart from probably "Take The Class" I have NEVER spend so much time, expense, energy, and effort on one single book.

It ended up not being a single book, but instead three components to a project folder which may well not be complete as yet - there have been constant surprises along the way as I was immersing myself, quite literally, in the pure magic of aromatherapy, and essential oils.

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Aromatherapy For Your Soul

"The Spirit Of Aromatherapy - Energy Nutrition"

I felt strongly that in the generally available information, the SPIRIT of the essential oils had become lost, and that many people today view them as nothing but glorified disinfectants, or some sort of chemical cocktail.

While it may be true that aromatherapy essential oils have many interesting chemical properties, at least enough to keep a legion of chemists busy for the next five hundred years or so, to view the essential oils in this light, or to conduct "aromatherapy" based on this incredibly impoverished view, is missing the point of both aromatherapy, and essential oils, altogether in my opinion.

"Aromatherapy essential oils are MAGICAL in nature."

Or in other words, they are INCREDIBLY strong broadcasters of energy, concentrated and imprinted and inherited from their original source, the plants which produced them.

I call them "roaring life in a little bottle".

With the EmoTrance concept of "Energy Nutrition", I had found my essential vitamins for the energy body - and food for Your Soul.

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121 Essential Oils A - Z ...

Now the real fun began. I started with the essential oils I already had and used on a regular basis, tuning into each one in turn and using my experience as well as my intuition to make a note of the "essence" of that essential oil - how it worked energetically, and what kind of energy malnutrition it would help to alleviate. I was particularly interested in the energy movements the essentials created. Some had an instant lifting action, others were pulling up and back, others yet in and down - absolutely fascinating.

I noted down various ideas and insights about the essential oils in a notebook. At that time I had no idea that it would unfold into this extraordinary sojourn that would last for over year, would cost me thousands and create this massive project in the end; I was fascinated and following my fascination.

I started to look for other, more exotic oils; I discovered the significant differences in the quality and existence of essential oils, depending on their source; I started to conduct a separate investigation into buying essential oils online and then I started to create the illustrations and images for each essential oil I was working with.

There were many more different kinds of aromatherapy oils than I had first expected; once I had done thirty or so, the idea of collecting my views and images into a book came into being, and I started to transcribe my notes and add the images, one by one.

This was a wonderful time for me. Parcels would be arriving, containing new and different essential oils, each one a totally unique sensation and an amazing experience, as I interacted with their energy and did my best to translate the effects and experiences into a useable form, write them down and create the relative images.

At some point, I decided that I could go on forever and to call to halt to this ever expanding project; I settled on 121 oils to be reasonably representative of what there was out there.

I was also conducting many experiments with aromatherapy oils at that time and LOVING every minute of it. It is fair to say that I have rarely, if ever, researched anything that gave me so much personal joy and delight, day in, day out, and no matter what aspect of the whole topic I was working with at the time.

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The Aroma Stories

Then, towards the end of 2007, this consuming project took another unexpected turn.

I actually don't know how it got started, but I began to write small stories to explain the effects of the essential oils in a way that would make it easy to understand, and to remember.

The idea itself had been probably a part of the project right from the start, because right from the start I had given each essential oil a special name - "The Prince of The Desert", "The Sands Of Time", "The Amazon" and "A Loving Blanket". These must have been the "story seeds", carrying with them already images and stories about people, how they experience things, and how they change, and most importantly, how something can happen to help them, transform them, save them, even. That is the action of the essential oils translated into story from energetic information via my energy mind.

Fascinating, and I began to add the stories to the descriptions and images we already had, and it was a this point that I really felt I had a project here that was worthwhile, completely unique, and worth sharing with others.

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Creative Aromatherapy

What I was doing with the essential oils was "Aromatherapy, but not as you know it, Jim!"

Because I work with the ENERGY of the essential oils, and the "therapy" part is self help for the energy system which expresses itself through our states of being, through our emotions, it makes sense that what I do with aromatherapy and essential oils isn't industry standard, or what it taught under the topic of "aromatherapy" at this point in the world.

I have no problems retaining the word itself, aromatherapy, because to me it means using essential oils for caring for yourself and healing yourself, which is the root of the word "therapy".

There is literally no end to what you can do with the energy of essential oils, nor how good you can make yourself feel when you approach them in the aroma energy way; and Creative Aromatherapy, Version 1.0, consists of notes of what I've been doing myself and enjoying immensely. As I was writing this, I was very aware of how much I wanted other people to "join in the party", to have so much fun, so easily, so relatively cheaply. I also feel strongly that working with aroma energy is a most fantastic entry portal into the "enchanted worlds of energy" for many, many more people who might have otherwise thought that it didn't concern them, or it wasn't for them.

It is my absolute belief that to contact the energy worlds that are here and now, with us in every way, is THE way forward for human evolution in general, and for personal development as well, for each and every one of us.

A feature of Creative Aromatherapy and the various practices and ideas therein is that aromatherapy essential oils are an absolutely superb "meditation aid" - essential oils make it incredibly easy to step into altered states, shift energy and take yourself to places that you normally don't inhabit.

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The Magic Garden

As an an example, I wrote a "Magic Garden Meditation". When I read it back later, I thought, "Oh I must record that, make it into a complete meditation mp3!"

So I did and I am particularly happy in a way that Project Sanctuary has found it's way not just into this project in the usual roundabout way, but that it is acknowledged here fully as one of the major contributors, if not THE major contributor, to make Aromatherapy For Your Soul special and "other than" in every way.

The Magic Garden is an integral part of the Aromatherapy For Your Soul package but also available as a stand alone meditation for everyone who wants to discover a truly fantastic resource inside that is yours to use and enjoy anywhere, and any time you want.

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Aromatherapy Online

As someone who makes their living as an author, I am expected to produce a manuscript that can be turned into a book, and then to sell lots of them.

The thing is that with this project, I had so much fun, and I enjoyed it so much, I really did want to share this as freely as I can get away with, so I decided to put every single one of the 121 essential oils, the pictures and the stores, online, free, for ANYONE to enjoy, whether they pay me a single penny or not.

The truth is that any author just wants their stories to be heard, wants to share them with others, and this whole money thing only comes about in a very secondary fashion and because you have to have something to pay your bills and buy your food.

I am no different, and anyone who looks at the images, reads the stories and finds a sense of enjoyment there, is moved by this, or inspired to take their own investigations into energy or aromatherapy or essential oils just a little bit further, makes me joyful and is my true reward for the work.

Therefore, I spend a very considerable time making a website for my aroma energy story by hand, lovingly creating each page, each one of the thousands of hyperlinks involved.

Let the Universe choose an essential oil for you today!

I also made a "magic bottle", an idea that came to me and that I find really delightful - a random choice of any one of the 121 essentials, to help expand one's knowledge of essentials, direct one's attention to essentials that might be little known or one might never think about engaging with, and simply for fun!

And at the end of the day, THAT is what I am most excited about in the whole Aromatherapy For Your Soul project - it has been and still is SO MUCH FUN! I am enjoying this so much, enjoying my "daily sniffer bottle" right now actually, every so often as I'm typing. I've enjoyed writing every story, creating every single image, and now I am enjoying looking at them and letting the energies flow into me.

I enjoy the feedback I've already received from the people who have seen this project and have loved it and told me how much they are enjoying it all too - this project has simply been delightful from the start, to today.

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The Future Of Aroma Energy

I expect that this project isn't yet finished.

I really look forward to giving a presentation about Aromatherapy For Your Soul to the 2008 EmoTrance Conference, complete with bringing my little friends along, to show the delegates what FABULOUS energy experiences we can have with the essential oils, and how good they can make you feel in an instance.

I also suspect that as this is an e-project, meaning you can evolve it through many versions and add more content as you go along, with free upgrades for purchasers of previous versions, that there is still more to come.

One thing I have already thought about is to do "exotic and unusual essential oils from all around the world" as a separate and additional project.

Another is of course that as each day goes by and I am still constantly engaging at the personal level with the essential oils, all sorts of interesting new ideas and patterns for their use are still in the process of emerging. I wouldn't be surprised if "Creative Aromatherapy" was indeed, far from finished and there wouldn't be many more delightful surprises unveiled in the weeks and months to come.

I might also create a course for working with Aroma Energy.

I have found it so extremely helpful and enjoyable, I can't help but think that others would enjoy the light, life and vibrancy the essential oils can bring into your life in a whole new way when we really start going to town on the ENERGETIC properties of the essentials, and target the "aromatherapy practice" at the one place where ANY improvement is going to have a TRANSFORMATIONAL effect on a person and their lives - to make our souls more shiny.

Silvia Hartmann

January 2008

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  by Silvia Hartmann
"I honestly had no idea I could be this creative." Gen Woodruff

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