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Angels - A Poem About Angels

Angels - A Poem About Angels

If we speak a poem about angels, does that draw the angels into your life? It has been said that to have angels helping a person in this life, the person has to take the first step and turn towards the angels ...


Look close, not far away

for angels are amongst us

they are right here, right now,

there is an angel in the room ...








Hunger for the angels

with all you heart.


Seek the angels

every day and every night;

look up, not down;

look close, not far away

for angels are amongst us

they are right here, right now,

there is an angel in the room

they came when we began

to talk of angels,

they came when we began

to wish for angels,

they came when we began

to have a flame of hope

within our hearts,

and even yet a tiny spark

of hope that makes us look again,

that makes us listen, pay attention,

feel, oh feel, yes with your body,

every inch of skin receptive,

every breath you take

electric, tells you when the angels are,

and where they are, and it is then

that you can sense their presence,

that you can hear their song,

a whisper fine and light

and full of wisdom,

knowledge deep and wide

sparks like the falling stars

rushes like the freedom wind

that lifts your hair and sends

delicious shivers down your back -

become aware, become awake

and rise within, the flame of hope

is what is like beacon in a stormy sea

that draws the angels to you

for they love to be acknowledged,

love to be of help,

they love us, want us to be happy,

want us to be whole,

and yet they need the invitation,

they need the spark of hope

to show them where you are,

so they can fly to you

and be with you,

and give you more, and more

of precious, precious song

and soothing, show the way

to love and light,

delight and laughter,

lightness dancing

for that is their realm,

the realm of angels

that is here and it is we

who enter

when we call

"My angels,

"Come to me!"


"Angels" by SFX February 14th, 2010




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