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An Ocean Of Angels

by Silvia Hartmann

An Ocean Of Angels

Traveling through the mists of space and time ...

Like flying through clouds, forward and down at the same time, spiralling sideways ...

Where will we land today ...?

I find myself falling from the sky at high velocity.

Wind is screeching by, cold wind, and for a moment, I feel entirely out of control until I adjust and shift my shape to be much tighter, more acute, become like an arrow and take control of the flight.

Everything here is very, very fast.

Very hard.

Very intense.

This is a sharp, rugged land, cold, uninviting.

It is easy to get swept up in that but I'm here to save a lost soul so I have to once again take control of all of that and slow right down, exert a lot of will power to stand firm in myself against whatever is going on here around me.

I land in a windswept canyon, strewn with rocks, meteor fragments, and there sand in the wind, trying to grate on me, trying to erase me.

I am a soul pilot, so it cannot; I ignore the wind, sand, rushing and sharpness, sense of hostility that this land has imbued in its deepest structure and expand my senses, shift into the pattern world, and I find what I am looking for.

There is an existence huddling beneath the merest shelter of a rock in the storm, clinging to it with the last reserves of its strength. It is high noon for this poor soul; it has nothing left to give and I must hurry.

I find the soul being stretched out long, clinging to the pointy triangular rock, blowing in the breeze like a sheet on a washing line that has only a single peg left, and this is about to give way.

I turn myself into a sheet myself and lay myself above, behind, around the being. Then I enfold it entirely.

It is too distressed and exhausted to even notice me; there is no response to my attempts at communication. So I make the decision - I pull on it the same way as the wind and sandstorm rushing is doing here, to break that final hold it has.

The soul is utterly terried; it finds one last reserve of unknown strength but then it's all over - with a shrieking wail the rock hold slips and I catch it fully within myself, both of us spiralling backwards fast, tumbling, like being shot from a catapult. I'm disorientated but then intrigued - where will we end up?

Slowly I stabilise the out-of-control tumbling so that we're level and now it feels as though we are inside the strong currents of a mighty river. There is no sandstorm any longer, we are now a part of the storm itself and our velocity is the same as all the other things that have become swept up in this.

We are being transported somewhere - but where are we going?

From far away I get a sense of a message, "From the river to the sea ... trust the river ..." and so I do. I relax and occupy myself with embracing the soul within me more, stroking it, feeding it, soothing and calming it, helping it to re-shape from that long stretched out state into something more natural and functioning.

The soul being is responding; it is calmer now, and it is becoming aware of me. It snuggles closer to me, to my warmth and sustenance, safety and certainty, and that is a beautiful experience as we flow with that unknown river I've been told to trust.

By the time I can discern a change in the flow, the soul being and I have exchanged a lot of information about ourselves and each other, we are known to each other, part of each other's journey in a most interesting way, and we're equals of a kind, ready to detach from one another and experience this river, this flow in our own unique way each.

Slowly we unweave but we keep a strong, resonant connection between us as the flow becomes more lively around us, there is an excitement building up, we are about to find out where we're going ....

The excitement increases but this isn't frightening, it's just exciting, enlivening, then it becomes excruciating and - ah, finally!

We break through into another place, another dimension, a wide open space, so wide, completely eternal, all around, soft hue blue, sparkling, magical ...

An ocean and there are beings here, bright and wonderful, like angels they are and they are delighted to accept and welcome a friend of theirs, their joy is magical through and through and as my friend sends me a final loving through our connection and slides to join them, I too am filled with intense joy - a job well done, and a knowing should I ever want to visit here, I will be received in absolute delight.

SFX June 2011

  by Silvia Hartmann
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