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Alien Symbol Question

Alien Symbol Question

Don asked: Hi there, I have just purchased the Genius Symbols e-book, which is great. I am having trouble relating to the symbol of the alien. Its not that I don't believe in aliens I just am not drawn to them in any way. I don't read sci-fi and Im not interested in outer space. So as a metaphor it is something I don't relate to. Must I use this symbol?

  • This question and answer about The Genius Symbols is relevant for any symbol that might "feel weird" or that someone might not "like" so read on!

Hi Don,

the Alien symbol isn't just about outer space aliens.


For example, one time I was at an exhibition and a girl drew it (randomly) in a reading as a key influence. She too said she didn't do outer space and I said, do you have an alien in the family? At which point she started to talk about her father who was from a different country and held views and behaved in ways that were "totally alien" to what the rest of the family were trying to do.

Alien can be a stranger, or taking a different point of view altogether on something. In this case, the symbol itself seems to alienate you! lol ...

In energy work we talk about a reversal in the system which makes a person fear or reject as painful something related to the reversal. It may be that you have an alien reversal. Perhaps you were scared by a SciFi show as a kid or were scared by a stranger to cause such a reversal or reaction.

My first instinct would therefore be to treat the Alien reversal so you no longer dislike the symbol and can use it just the same as all the others, no worse or no better than a Star, a Plant or an Angel.

You can use the basic EFT protocol to treat an energy reversal such as this by simply looking at the symbol and doing a few rounds of treatment on it to "free up" the symbol. See

Now, you might not be into energy work and your original question of whether you can play the Genius Symbols minus one of the symbols is all you want, so the answer to that is, yes, sure you can.

You don't need to use all the symbols.

Don't let the Alien reversal stop you from having a go with the others, or to pick ones you like and play with them to start with. Get some confidence in the using of the symbols. Then later on, when you're ready, you can play a Classic Game for example to "meet an alien" or ask the other symbols directly for help with the Alien Symbol. For example, you can say, "Give me a new insight on the Alien symbol," to each one of the other symbols in turn. With 22 additional points of view and opportunities for your energy mind to show you something important on the topic, a change of mind is guaranteed!

That's also a way to do it.

So I hope that helps and gives you some options how to get started and by all means if you any other questions, I'll be happy to help. The symbols are great fun, even if you just use some of them to start with, and will give you many good ideas and insights in the days to come.

Best wishes,


Silvia Hartmann

Creator, The Genius Symbols

"Project Sanctuary is an excellent resource for any explorer of the human mind, developed by one of the savviest people around. Highly Recommended!" Win Wenger, PhD

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