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A Loving Heart - A Soul Pilot Story

by Silvia Hartmann

A Loving Heart - A Soul Pilot Story

During the Star Matrix course, The Soul Pilots came into the discussion as an obvious way in which "Missing Events" can be gathered.

Here is my personal mission report from January 6th, 2020.

Take me to the perfect place in time and space where a lost soul needs my help.


What is the time of day?

 High noon.


What is the time of year?



What is the weather?

 Hot sun, cloudless sky, very very dry hot wind making it hard to breathe.


What is the land?

 Desert, white desert sands all around, stretching to all horizons.


What is the vegetation?

 There is no vegetation here, not even microorganisms. I sense seeds fast asleep deep beneath the surface though.


What else is here?

 Well, there's me. I am wearing some kind of white protective gear that is being blown by the hot wind, which is protecting me very well. I am comfortable inside. That's good.


I turn around slowly but all I see is desert, all I hear is wind, and all I taste is sand.

 I close my eyes and tune in a different way.

 North west from where I stand there is a … something. I can't know what it is, but it is there. I will move toward it.

 I glide across the nothing-sea of sand and close my eyes repeatedly to stay on track; my eyes keep saying, “There is nothing here,” but my 6th sense tells me that I am getting closer to a field of something, and a field of something emanates from a something in the middle of that field.

 Eventually, I give up and keep my eyes closed, and so now I am navigating in darkness, towards a hazy, misty, greenish greyish boundary that swirls ever so slowly, like paint washing from a brush and mixing in water in slow motion.

 It is not attractive but I am not afraid of it; it has very little strength or power apart from the fact that it smells vaguely of rotten eggs and dissolution.

 As I enter into it I notice that my protective clothing changes colour in the periphery; it is no longer white now but an opalescent orange yellow with shading hues of rose and violet where the folds swirl around me. This is fascinating to note and for a moment I am distracted, then I take a deep breath of the air and move forward, into the centre of this billowing cloud.

 The dusty material that forms the cloud becomes denser; darker and I can now actually feel myself pushing against it; it becomes denser, and even more dense, until I am fighting my way through semi liquid rock now.

 I need to shift myself, I'm still way too hard for this environment.

 As I think this, my clothing shifts and becomes liquid around me; my own form follows suit, and liquid now I slide with ease through the ever densening substance until it is so solid, there wouldn't be a tool, a bomb or any explosion that could break this substance now.

 I am liquid light and where I exist, it does not; and so I slide the last distance and emerge into a bright sunny day, pleasant and temperate, with white clouds in the sky, a green land stretching out towards blue mountains, snow capped, in the distance, a valley with a beautiful river, and before me lies a lake of radiant turquoise.

 It is immediately crystal clear that I have entered someone's Sanctuary.

 This level of perfection does not exist in the natural world; there, there are always flies to spoil a pretty picture, or snakes in the grass, or crocodiles.

 Or other people …


I see a woman in a white dress sitting by the shore of the lake, on a grassy slope, surrounded by many flowers. There are also some baby animals with her, a very young fox, a tiny white rabbit, a black and white kitten.

 The woman has long dark hair and the kitten is playing with the strands.

 What a happy scene …

 I stay in my liquid light form, as a weaving of opalescent colours I draw closer, and I see that the woman by the lake has no face.

 This is … a little disconcerting, but at the same time, this tells me that she has been here for so long, she has forgotten who she is, why she is here, and the process of erosion has not only taken hold, but is far, far along the way.

 She has no face at all, which means she has no eyes to see me, she has no ears to hear me, she has no nose to scent me, she has no mouth to taste me.

 Yet she is playing with the kitten, so her 6th Sense must still be alive.

 How amazing to find someone where that sense is the very last to disappear.

 I move towards her and reach out to touch her heart. It is an opalescent wing that enters into her body shape, which is also eroded, simplified, receding towards the spherical form that will become smaller and smaller until it falls away entirely.

 I find the spark of her heart.

 It is a very loving heart, and I understand how the brutalities of the Hard made her reject it all, withdraw into this Sanctuary, and build a wall so powerful, so strong, that nothing could ever breach it.
Her heart is a very young heart, and yet it is ancient at the same time, so old, so tired, so very weary, so tired and weary of being so homesick for so long …

 Yes, I truly have found a lost soul.

 I keep the connection with her loving heart, and feed it with gentle colours, with all the things she loved, they are easy to know, they are all right here, expressed in her Sanctuary, and while this is happening, I look up and around and scan the sky, the great grid resting on this land, searching for an exit, a natural portal that has been waiting to be re-activated all along.

 Here, the white clouds are moving slowly, eternally, against the radiant blue of the sky; and here is the sun, the giver of life, the protector, the shining star – the shining star gate, the light of hope, and the breach in the insurmountable armour of this Sanctuary.

 I let myself expand and make the connection between the sun and her heart, and as I do, the sun flares brightly, expands a hundred fold, becomes a spiral portal and white beings stream through it; and at the same time, the woman by the lake remembers, regains her features and takes a sharp breath in.

 I gently disconnect myself and move back and away, as I watch the white beings surround her in joy, oh, such joy!

 The woman herself transforms and they dance, I cannot tell now who was who; as they dance faster, the Sanctuary begins to spin and in a starburst explosion of many colours, the white beings are gone, and all that remains is the sun, now a star in the heavens, among so, so many.


Silvia Hartmann

January 6, 2020


A Loving Heart - Illustration by Silvia Hartmann for the Loving Heart Soul Pilot story

  by Silvia Hartmann
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