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3 Magic Tools For Project Sanctuary Players

3 Magic Tools For Project Sanctuary Players

John S writes: Every PS player should have a toolkit of skills (and, indeed, the PS manual is designed to provide you with many of them.)

Among the slightly more advanced skills a PS practitioner should have are these: telepathy, flying, and teleporting. Allow me to explain some of their uses and a start on how to develop these skills.


Three Magic Tools for the Project Sanctuary Toolkit

by John S.


Telepathy is a very useful skill to have. As soon as one begins interacting with others in the PS habitat communication becomes a part of it. What do you do when the entity you are interacting with doesn't speak your language? Or any language? If you have the telepathy skill, you simply engage it mind-to-mind. You can then feel its feelings, sense its thoughts, understand its desires. And you can project your own to it. Communication.

There are several other wonderful uses for telepathy. Perhaps you need to interact with someone who speaks your language but distance separates you. No need for a telephone if you can telepath. You can use this skill to arrange face-to-face meetings with the party or simply carry on the conversation as if you were in their presence.

Once you have developed the ability to share emotions or sensations/feelings telepathically, try using it to experience events that your physicality will not let you do. Some people have changed their shape or their gender while in PS in order to experience such things. With telepathy you can experience these things while remaining yourself. With a little practice you can experience your own feelings and the feelings/sensations of another at the same time. I leave it to you to work out the explorations available in a White Room setting. Let me just say that they can be both mind-blowing and the most incredible experiences you may ever have.

Some people express fear that if they develop PS telepathy they will end up revealing thoughts and aspects of themselves that they do not want known. Remember, this is Project Sanctuary. You can permit as much or as little to be shared as you want. Sometimes the fear is that they will be inundated with thoughts. This fear is just as needless. A technique that might help in this area is to imagine a hand-held two-way radio, a "walkie-talkie". These only operate on a preset frequency and only when turned on. Thus, it limits the scope of transmission and reception to the other party or parties with corresponding handsets. There is a button on them that one must push to transmit (often called the "push to talk" button.) The broadcast only happens when the person wants to transmit by pushing the button. With this analogy, permit your mind to be just like the two-way radio. It will only receive from those frequencies that you have chosen to install in it (based on who you are willing to receive from.) It will only broadcast on those frequencies when you chose to send your thoughts out (the equivalent of pushing the "push to talk" button.) For those who are ready for the next step, change the analogy to a wireless telephone. Establish the connection and talk and listen at the same time for continuous interactive conversation.

I have used this communication capability very successfully in a group setting. It allows me to give instructions to my crew without being overheard by others around us when we are adventuring, even to giving one-on-one direction or correction while still broadcasting general directions. It allows conversation and private discussions when the vocal apparatus is otherwise engaged (ahem.) One never needs to worry about breaking etiquette by talking when one's mouth is full.


Silvia has stated in the PS manual "In Sanctuary, one of the first and best movements to master and learn is that of flying." Her main point is the perspective and freedom that it gives. I agree completely but also endorse it for another reason. Laziness. Well, not really. More like efficiency. My PS habitat is rather large and my main home is on a rather large estate that encompasses ocean beach, rolling hills, and a mountain range. These all see frequent use. Flying is a more efficient way to get from place to place when they are not right to hand.

How does one fly in PS ? By thought and intent. Sometimes, though, some of us need a bit more help to get started. In such a case I recommend a magic feather. See! One just appeared. Grab the magic feather. Now, you have a telepathic link to it and it can levitate you at your mental direction. It can cause you to go up (slow or fast), down (likewise slow or fast), forwards, backwards, whichever ways you want. Go ahead! Practice with it a bit. Do loops, barrel rolls, flips, whatever takes your fancy. Now that you have come back to ground let's go on a bit.

Just like Dumbo, you may now realize that the magic feather isn't really magic. The magic is in you and in your energy mind. So when you are ready, leave the feather on the ground and go flying by your intention--direct your flight just the way you did when you were holding the feather. Happy Flying!

By the way, if you need to, you can pick others up and fly away with them just as easily as flying solo.


Speaking of efficient transport, let's move on to the ability to teleport. I don't actually do much flying on the home estate except for fun. When I really need to get from one place to the other, I teleport. Teleporting allows me to be at the beach, decide I want to be back at the house in the mountains, and be there. I almost didn't learn to fly because teleporting came so easily and naturally to me, early on. But there are times and reasons to walk, to fly, and to teleport (not to mention telepath). I recommend you have all of these in your toolkit.

So how do you teleport? Well, as I stated before, I just set my intention to be at a certain place and I go there (within my estate.) However, I never tried to do that outside of my estate. For that I used another magic feather. Except that it wasn't a feather. It wasn't even a two-way radio. It was a Star Trek-type transporter. I suggest you consider such a device for your teleporting learning experience.

The problem with my transporter was that just like in the television series (and movies), someone had to work the controls. That meant another entity to coordinate things with. Let's be a little more sophisticated here.

Imagine a spot in your Sanctuary that has a transporter pad. A little off to the side are the controls. Imagine a transporter control person (or android if you prefer). Have them beam you to someplace else in your habitat and then bring you back. Notice that once they beam you, they are locked onto you can bring you back from wherever you are!

Now, replace the person with a computer controller that is tuned to your mind. It can calculate just what settings need to be made to transport you to wherever you desire to go. And because it is tuned to your mind, it can bring you back when you mentally tell it to. Now have it beam you around a bit and back.

That was fun and convenient, wasn't it? Now for the next step. Have it send you on a two-stage journey. This is sort of like going out and back, except that it when you come back, don't stop on the transporter pad, but continue on to another point. In other words, you are taking a trip from point A (outbound) to point B (inbound to transporter pad and outbound to point B without stopping) via the transporter pad. From one perspective you teleported from point A to point B.

Ready for the last stage? You put the teleporter and computer there. But it was just an aid. The real magic was in your mind. It was all accomplished with your energy mind. So now, when you are ready, you can dispense with the transporter completely and simply teleport to the spot you want just by intending to do so. And return, if you want to, with the same ease.

Ready for the advanced session? Learn to teleport to other parts of the PS world. Try a visit to Pertineri Market. Then learn to let others tag along with you. Maybe they need to hold your hand, at first. Perhaps, with practice, they just need to be near you. Or perhaps you can teleport them to you for a visit.

Now that you have these three tools in your toolkit, learn to use them together and with the other tools you have. Remember, even when you can telepath, there will be times when it is more appropriate to talk. In the same way, there will be times when you should walk rather than fly and fly rather than teleport. Learn to listen to your energy mind and discern what is right for the situation.

Happy travels (and over to you, good buddy. 10-4 and out.)

John S.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5

  • John S. was a member of the Project Sanctuary Players Egroup

"I adore Project Sanctuary. It is such a fabulous way to get answers, and new solutions. I notice the most positive change both within the sanctuary and in the outer world, in relationships. Fabulous." Debbie Hazelton

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