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Welcome To Project Sanctuary!

Welcome To Project Sanctuary!

Do you like stories?

Thinking of scenarios and playing them in your mind, dreaming and living dreams in an altered state of awareness?

I do.

I have been doing this since I was a very small child and for as long as I can remember. At some point I found out that you don't have to make it up all by yourself, but if you use a system of questions and answers, there is a part of your mind which will not just assist, but become your very own story teller, movie producer, reality creator.

I thought for many years that EVERYONE KNEW THAT because it was so natural to me. I would always have an unfolding story going on which I would visit before going to sleep at night, or whilst engaged in boring tasks, or waiting in lines, or walking down the street.

It wasn't until 1993 that I met a lady who had trouble with her dreams, and I wanted to help her out and suggested to interact with the scenarios much like I always do inside my mind. I was astonished that she didn't know how to do that, but once I explained the idea, she took to it like a fish to water and was literally joyous at all the many things she could do with that. She would communicate with angels then, healed parts of herself, found and saved her inner child, became clairvoyant and all sorts. I mentioned this to another person and he too, was amazed at the idea which I had taken entirely for granted, namely that you BUILD WORLDS, decorate them to your liking and then move in to experience them first hand in order to do very specific things. He said, "You should write a book about that!" and so Project Sanctuary was typed out for the first time.

I will honestly say that what Project Sanctuary represents is simply the love of my life. This is my home, my hearth and my personal saviour, is now and has always been, and without Project Sanctuary, there simply would be no EMO. There would be no HypnoDreams. There would be nothing new and nothing worth of any value at all that I can proudly call my own.

I could go on for YEARS (and I am not kidding!) about the structure of metaphor, energy, language, experience, organic Tesla machines and so much more besides, but the fact is that Project Sanctuary is AMAZING to do, an amazing experience that grows with you and shows you things, teaches you things FROM INSIDE YOURSELF you could never ever begin to imagine. It is a way of using our minds that is so easy, so natural, so simple and yet PRODUCES an endless resource stream of truly mindblowing proportions. You have to try it to know just how good it really is, and never mind using it for therapy! To leave it there would be near enough a sin in my opinion.

In 2001, I wrote a novel. It is a trilogy and called In Serein. It was the most intensive creative experience of my life so far and what it is in essence, is a huge Project Sanctuary habitat, custom created to teach about magic and energy in a whole new way.

I also write poetry, and HypnoDreams, and classic fairy tales. A particularly fascinating project was For You, A Star - a collection of magic symbols and evocations in poetry format that are for once, not an "away from" remedy but instead, an injection of powerful positive energies, such as joy, love, freedom, dominion, space, and life.

All and everything I do comes from the spaces and experiences that Project Sanctuary provides.

I have learned to ask certain parts of myself to give me a stream of data for a specific purpose, and how to interpret this data into words, or sounds, or movements, or images; I have learned how to do this CONSCIOUSLY and how to co-operate so this can happen.

I learned all of this from interfacing with my own mind DIRECTLY - that's what Project Sanctuary does, that's what it is, and that's not even something special at all, but we can all do it if we want to, because it is STRUCTURALLY AVAILABLE in every human mind.

If you wonder how I do the things I do, or if you want to do things like writing your own stories, inventing your own methods or revolutionising your incarnation, then I can simply say, "Do Project Sanctuary. Do it every day, and you'll get that, too."

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New! Free Meditation MP3 Download - First Sanctuary

Try this straightforward 14 minute journey to Sanctuary - find a time and space, a house, a friend and there is a surprise for you as well! Spoken live by Silvia, this is an easy, fun introduction into the worlds of Sanctuary - Get the free meditation mp3 HERE.

"Traveling from star to star, exploring the mysteries of the deepest oceans, magical market places, worlds upon worlds all from the comfort of your own favourite chair; that’s Project Sanctuary."Β Will Taylor

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