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The Malleable Stones

by Silvia Hartmann

The Malleable Stones

In Sanctuary, I came across this group of people who didn't know they were dead and thought they were still in physical reality and in their own version of the Hard. This, of course, is a problem ...

In Sanctuary, I came across this group of people who didn't know they were dead and thought they were still in physical reality and in their own version of the Hard.

(In last week's Sunday Live, I talked about the problems with Reality Divergence, and when you're actually completely non-physical and acting in a non-physical realm, but you don't know that, this is of course a massive reality divergence - and the more actual reality diverges from what we believe to be true, the more chaos ensues, the worse it gets, the more time passes, the more painful and leads to total erosion/entropy in the end.) Β 

Now when you come across something like that in your Sanctuary, you should really act upon it, and so I did.

These poor souls were in an advanced state of dishevelment, erosion.
Starving, skeletal, drained, dusty, nothing to left to give to each other. So I did the usual thing, created a better environment for them with fruit trees and such, light water wells, to shore them up and "bring them back to life" in a manner of speaking, but the problem remained. They just had not a clue that they weren't in the Hard anymore. They explained the mysterious arrivals of better circumstances by acts of God or such or global environmental change, in all manner of ways, but they still didn't know they were basically all dead and on the next level.

If I left them there, that process of erosion would set in afresh, and the outcome would have to be the same. I would have to wake them up in some way.

How to do that?

And here, my dear Energy Mind gave me the solution in a flash and I knew what I had to do.

I walked into their new camp as some kind of wandering prophet, which fit into their Hard quite perfectly. They had many stories of such people, and I put a bit of a glow around me, just barely discernible but enough to get that wow factor going haha.

I made them go forth and collect a stone each, that would fit into their hands, come back and sit down in the Lotus position (I have a sense of humour in Sanctuary!), close their eyes, focus on the stone in their hands and try to shape it, make it flow, squeeze it, pull it.

They very honestly did this, and it was fascinating to note that the little children did this immediately, without any problem whatsoever, and started to giggle, making all manner of toys for themselves, just like kids do with playdough.

The teenagers did alright too, and some of the adults and old people as well, but there were some remaining who strained and strained. I gave a little surreptitious help to those who were really struggling, and soon, everyone was amazed that they could make the stones change shape, and that it wasn't even such an effort as they first thought it was.
And then I gave the big revelation to the adults (the kids had run off to play with their newfound toys, and find more and bigger stones long ago!!!) - you're not in physical reality any longer, you are on the next level, where all is made of energy and you can shape it anywhichway you like.

I also told them this: "If you are ever confused where you are, if you're not sure if this is some kind of physical existence, or if you're in the Hard, pick up a stone and massage it, put a little pressure on it.

"If it does nothing, you're in the Hard.

"If it moves, you're in Sanctuary."

It was quite fun to see them all go back to their stones and try to move them, which worked a lot better this time around.

They showed each other their stones, started to talk about how amazing this was, how wonderful, and they got to start laughing, getting very excited, just like the children had been, and, just like the children, eventually ran off to try it out on other stones.

Which made me very happy and I considered their case closed, and went on my merry way. πŸ™‚

A malleable stone in the hand


The Galaxy Stone from Energy Constellations

  by Silvia Hartmann
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"Project Sanctuary is the easiest and the most difficult thing I ever did at the same time. But oh, what rewards does it give!!"Β Margreet Vink

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