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The Spirit Party

by Silvia Hartmann

Your spirit came to me said, hey, I could do with brightening!

The Spirit Party

Let's lay aside all judgements for a moment, all thoughts and voices, all divisions, recognitions, realisations and decisions andwhatever else gets in the way of seeing clearly, hearing clearly, thinking clearly and experiencing the world with lightness, and a smile.

Your spirit came to me said, hey, I could do with brightening!

I laughed and said, well, there's a well, right there, a magic wellspring, shimmering with light amidst enchanted glade of emerald greens and flowers, golden yellow, orange burning bright and seashell pink, deep dusky reds - the well spring is awaiting you, just go and take a drink.

This isn't water as you know it but the finest, lightest waterlight; it comes from deep within the earth were magic reigns, where magic comes to life and brings with it the ancient wisdom and the nutrients you need to live forever.

That sentence wasn't finished yet when our spirit ran and plunged head first into the wellpool; there, it laughed and thrashed around, it drank the water, caught it in its hands, poured it on its head and washed its face, and swam and dove and splashed and as we watched, we saw the spirit getting brighter, getting lighter, getting more profoundly present to the day.

I'm bright! the spirit laughed but I said, wait a minute.

I do think I sense that you are hungry, spirit dear?

The spirit stopped and thought, and laughed again, oh, I'm not hungry, I am famished! It exclaimed, where is the food, where is the feast?

I pointed to the right and there the forest grew most lushly, many shades of sumptious green, and there, the forest made a clearing where all fruits and all abundance was arranged most beautifully - oh such colours, textures, scents! Inviting, and exciting, so delicious - spirit food from all dimensions here it was, and so our spirit quickly stepped out from the wellpool, leaving footprints bright and shiny on the ground and little droplets running from its smooth and vibrant back, and it began to feast with hunger on the many things and items - berries ruby vibrant life, tasty slices softly orange, smooth and silky opalescent dishes, champagne fruit and richly scented spices, blue mysterious things from far away tiny pearl like delicasseys that melt upon your tonge and now delight you in a whole new way.

And oh! the spirit, did it brighten!

As it tried most everything, and ate most everything at least a little just so that it knew what tastes were still evading and what textures had not yet been now experienced, it gained a colour, gained a life; and it gained many colours, living lights they were and danced inside it, beautiful it was and even though so many times more brilliant bright and lively, still it was more calm and quiet, far more present, far more RICH in every way.

I thank you, said the spirit and it smiled, I've never felt this way before, I've never been this way before, at least not that I could remember - I feel full of joy, so full pleasure, full of peace and full to overflowing, and I want to share my pure delight, share this bounty with the world.

And as it spoke, the spirit closed its eyes and came aware quite differently, and raised its arms and blessed the forest and the wellspring, all the flowers and the trees, the ferns and all the beings a nd us too as we were touched by radiance of rainbow, spirals ever widening and all directions, interlacing, interweaving, forming now a mesh of light a nd where it touched us there it brightened our spirits in return and took the burdens of the ages with it, light as air and light as light we were, I looked to you and saw you were the same - as bright as light, and light as air, and then we recognised each other, we laughed in pure delight and sounds streamed from us, harmonies of pleasure and we danced, together, all around us every living thing did join our celebration, cheer us on, and when the dance was done, we slowed and then we snuggled down in the enchanted glade and there we slept, and dreamed, and rested for the brightest, finest dawn we'd ever known.


Silvia Hartmann, 2004

  by Silvia Hartmann
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