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The Silver Chalice Quest

by Silvia Hartmann

The Silver Chalice Quest
Let's find it, I say and laugh. 

Where is that f*cking thing?

The Silver Chalice Quest

Let's find it, I say and laugh. Where is that fucking thing?

Orb spinning, give me the direction ...

You turn around enough and everywhere is forward ...

Rush! Light streaks elongate, curve gently, lose cohesion ...

Emerge into a gentle space and see the world below, rotating gently ...

There is an area, an eye that takes my attention.

I follow it with the curvature of the planet in a long slow swooping trajectory ... through the atmosphere, unburned, unchallenged am I for I am made from energy and energy knows no boundaries, no barriers, no fear ...

With a deep sigh I emerge above an ancient land, orange and red, burned sienna, dusty and dry, a huge circular depression in the ground below me and I circle around this, slow circles decreasing, the tip of the spiral the tip of the spear and there I will land lightly, not even creating a puff of fine rusty dust upon my arrival.

In the very centre of this enormous dust bowl, dust well sits the chalice, silver bright, star metal this is, never will it tarnish, never will it corrode, it was here from the very beginning and will be here beyond the very ends of time, far reaching out into another time, and then continue on beyond beyond and yet beyond ...

I gently reach and raise the chalice from the dust, it is light. This is not a description of its weights, it *is* light. That's what star metal is, it is an evolved version of light, and that makes me smile in recognition and sigh with comfort, with relaxation, a stepping down and stepping up all at the same time, an alignment to truth, oh, that always feels so good.

There are intricate lines flowing in the light metal, ancient intentions, spells, elder magic, creating a containment field that holds the contents inside, the contents ...

This chalice is a well of light water, the water of life.

I place it back into the dust and raise my hand to make an invocation that will release the bindings, break the elder spells.

It is so easy, just the lightest touch, the resonance vibrations from inside are aching to break free, they have been waiting for so long yet never did they subside, never did they cease - a final simple twist ...

A blinding explosion of light water erupts from the place where the chalice shape once lay, a perfect column of light water rises high, high, high up into the sky and sparkling diamond droplets rain down to bless the parched land, bless me, me who is laughing and dancing beneath the radiant blessings now unleashed ...

The fountain grows and grows and grows, reaches higher and higher and higher still, into the stratosphere where fast rushing winds carry its blessing up and all around this world ...

I let myself fall backward and expand, rise up into the glorious fountain, let myself be spun in joy, uplifted, higher and greater, until I can see the entire planet below me, blossoming into life like a flower unfolding -



Silvia Hartmann
April 2022

  by Silvia Hartmann
"So much to explore, so much to create, so much infinite time to do it all in Project Sanctuary."Β Barbara Saph

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