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The Perfect Place VS The Favourite Place: Art Deco Healing Temple & Ruby Remedy

by Silvia Hartmann

The Perfect Place VS The Favourite Place: Art Deco Healing Temple & Ruby Remedy

A Sanctuary healing story by Silvia Hartmann which illustrates why we should go to the perfect place in time and space.

Once you're played in Sanctuary for a while, you find many perfect places - beautiful habitats that make you instantly sigh with relief, then pleasure, then gratitude as you enter.

Some of these places or habitats become so beloved, we go there by default every time we need a solution for anything. This also makes it ever easier as we are building roads to that location and when we travel them many times, these roads can become shining super highways and in themselves the obvious choice of the moment, especially when we are stressed.

However, and as soothing and as comforting these favourite habitats may be, they are sometimes not the PERFECT place in time and space. The Energy Mind can calculate your exact state at the moment and provide literally, the PERFECT place, and within that perfect place, the perfect experience.

I recently sustained a physical injury after an accident, and that is very unusual for me. I was in some pain and obviously shaken up, and went to go to my favourite "healing habitat," when it occurred to me that I should instead be asking for the perfect place in time and space, for me, right now.

I found myself on the purple Sanctuary plain with the rose and orange sky, coming in from high above, a tiny dot on the endless plain - X marks the spot, that's where I need to go.

Swooping down and in, there stood a silver Art Deco temple.

Art Deco Temple On The Sanctuary Plain

I landed in the soft Sanctuary sand, walked up the stairs, and the door opened for me without having to touch it.

Inside, a plinth with a bottle which seemed to contain something red. Intriguing!

Art Deco Temple Inside

Let's have a closer look at what my dear Energy Mind created for me on this occasion.

ย Ruby Remedy

It's a lovely bottle containing what appear to be rubies, polished rubies, at that.

This is an energy mind prescription. I need to "take the rubies" in the sense of taking medicine, or a pill.

I took the top off and shook some of the rubies into my hand. They tingled and sparkled, and made my mouth water so I ate some.

A curious flavour - lemon/rose scent, very nice, melt in the mouth, which had been, it's true, dust dry and I hadn't even noticed that.

There were quite a few more though and I wondered what to do with them. Keep the bottle around and take them over a period of time?

Here we have to trust our intuition, fine emotions that act like antennae - that's a no, they want to be "taken" (into myself, my light body) right here, right now.

I picked one out and held it up. Where do you need to go?

The ruby rose up from my fingers and gently entered my forehead, just under my hairline. The sensation was as though I was being gently stroked there, a light, light touch or perhaps a loving angel wing.

That felt really nice and flowed over my head and into my neck, where something unlocked I had not even noticed how it was stuck and locked before.

Now it was easy. I poured the rubies into my hand and anointed myself with them; upon contact with my skin, they would dissolve immediately and feel warming, loving, very protective.

There seemed to be the exact right amount of rubies to complete the task.

I said out aloud, "Thank you!" which produced a lovely resonance in the accoustics of the space, and placed the empty bottle back on the plinth. Upon contact, it produced a starry lightburst - poof! - and it was gone.

I felt serene, happy inside, and also, very glad that I had "taken the trouble" to really ask for the PERFECT place in time and space.

As wonderfully supportive and healing my Magic Garden (for example) may be, to let the dear Energy Mind create the PERFECT cocktail for THAT ONE MOMENT is ... truly beautiful, and something we might want to do more often.

It's worth that extra little effort to say ...

Take me to the perfect place in time and space, for me, right now.


ย Silvia Hartmann, June 2023



  by Silvia Hartmann
"So much to explore, so much to create, so much infinite time to do it all in Project Sanctuary."ย Barbara Saph

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