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The Orb Of Prosperity

by Silvia Hartmann

The Orb Of Prosperity

Inspired during the Energy Show "The Spirit of Prosperity," here is the story of The Orb of Prosperity.

Pure Sanctuary magic! :-)

Now, step through and out into a world ... 

These are the ruins of an ancient city, sand of the ages blowing, it is coming up for sundown. 

Now, the fierce heat of the day has receded. 

The ground still radiates yet the air is cool and clear. The sky is banding gold and orange, hues of rose and purple, and the first stars shine brightly in the midnight blue above. 

The ancient city lies silent.

Some buildings have quite melted into the sand; others hint at the shapes they once posessed, all angles softened now, casting shadows, telling of their time. 

There is a doorway, an arch, which attracts your attention. 

Does it lead to a room?

What is inside? 

Your pace quickens as you step across the soft flowing sand, enter into the doorway. 

A single shaft of unbroken light guides your way, and there is something glinting bright, bright white - what could it be?

Your heart beats higher in excitement - is there a treasure to be found here?

A treasure that would solve all your problems, a lucky find, well, isn't that why you would come here, hoping against hope that there could be a thing just such as this?

Quickly, you rush forward, fall to your knees, look closely, don't let your shadow fall upon this!

And there it is - a shiny golden orb, fragile and exquisite, right there, more than three quarters buried by the sands of time. 

Carefully, so carefully, you brush away the sand, hoping it will be intact, not just a fragment, even though just that would be a prize beyond all prizes ... 

Carefully, oh so carefully, you brush away the sand of ages, until the orb is now revealed, and it is perfect, it is whole. 

You reach out and with the gentlest of touches, you place your vibrating fingertips upon the orb and raise it up - light sparks, light flashes, and it is the most beautiful thing, the most magical thing that you have ever seen. 

Entranced, you sit back and hold the orb, play with it, turn it in your hands, a smile spreading through all of you until your entire body and every cell of your being is smiling now - yes, it is true, you found the most precious treasure of them all, and it is yours. 

Now, you know that all is different. 

Now you know that you will never be poor again, never feel unlucky again, or unloved, or forsaken, or anything other than having been blessed beyond all blessings by the Great Creative Order, who brought you here today, to find what you did find. 

The golden sunlight dims, and fades, but the orb shines softly, gently, golden light from deep within its structure, casting a different kind of light so you see more than ever did you see before, and you know more, than ever did you know before, but most of all, you feel just so much more than ever did you feel before. 

And so you take the golden orb and hold it to your heart, it is warm, it is alive, and filled with love and light and power.

Inside you now a hunger grows, a hunger old, a hunger cold that nothing ever could relieve and so you take a deep breath now and take the orb and melt it to your heart, you take it in and all its golden power flows through all your veins, it rushes through you, heals you and uplifts you, brings you power, golden light and this is right - for this is who you always knew that you were meant to be. 

You rise and grow; you look upon yourself and smile for you are casting now a golden glow that lights the night, that lights your way and so you step outside. 

The sky is filled with endless stars. 

Their blessings resonate with you, what you've become, and what you always were - beloved, and infinite. 


SFX February 1st 2022


Orb of Prosperity by Silvia Hartmann

 The Orb of Prosperity

Concept, Text & Image Silvia Hartmann 2022


  by Silvia Hartmann
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