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The NEW Genius Symbols Course

The NEW Genius Symbols Course

The Genius Symbols have proven themselves in practice, and the research/trial phase is now officially over.

Here is the NEW Genius Symbols course and an introduction by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Project Sanctuary and The Genius Symbols.



Silvia HartmannFrom Silvia Hartmann:

Twenty months have passed now since The Genius Symbols were officially released into the world on August 23rd, 2008.

Since then, the feedback from users has been absolutely tremendous.

People have so enjoyed discovering that they have this wonderful stream of knowledge, wisdom, and real creativity INSIDE themselves and that they can tap into it at will, it really has enriched their lives and experience, far more so than I first hoped for when I presented the Genius Symbols.

For the past year, we have been experimentally teaching The Genius Symbol course to students from around the world by distance learning, and here, likewise, the results have far exceeded our expectations.

  • The Symbols work like a charm, that's the bottom line.

They work for professional psychics and people who have studied all manner of different systems of divination, sometimes for decades, to bring a new sense of adventure and joy to their work.

This really pleases me immensely as these people make not only a living from this kind work, it is their life; and for those to say, "Yes, the symbols are special, they produce wonderfully resonant visions and surprising results for my clients!" is probably the highest praise you can get.

The symbols also work for psychologists and their clients. Often, problems are so old and entrenched, have been raked over so many times, that really a different point of view is exactly what is required to bring energy and forward movement into these old problems. I am also delighted to hear that the therapists, counsellors and psychologists who use the symbols with their clients report that these new, creative insights that come from the client's own self bring about a general "lightening" and much better understanding of the self.

The Genius Symbols really work to find creative business solutions, for people who might not even think of themselves as being particularly creative. For a stunning example, see the SpaceNodes - From Vision To Business Success in 18 Months. That is really WOW! from start to finish.

Lastly, and that's perhaps most importantly, the Genius Symbols work for what you might call ordinary people from many different walks of life. Amongst the students have been retired gentlemen, office workers, housewives, computer programmers, even people who work their day jobs in factories - all are delighted to have found this new way of ASKING YOURSELF for the solution to your problems and really receiving an answer that makes sense and is practical as well!

Having a whole new personal set of tools to accompany you on your life's ups and downs.

Yes, the Genius Symbols have proven themselves in practice.

Now it's time for more people to meet them.

  • The results have been so wonderful that I have decided for the first time that I will personally teach the first generation of Genius Symbol readers as we call them, so they in turn can go out and teach other people.

To this end, we are offering The NEW Genius Symbol Reader AND Teacher correspondence course.

I will be your personal tutor and make sure you get the most from the course.

As a certified Genius Symbol reader, you can then go out and teach others how to be a symbol reader. The first year's license is free, and after that it is up to you if you want to renew it and teach others. You might only want to use the symbols for personal or professional gain and have no need of the symbol teacher's license, that's entirely up to you.

  • The Genius Symbols are THE most outstanding, practical and EASY, intuitive tool for bringing out truly original, creative thought, insights, and problem solving.

Whether you want to work with querents as a professional psychic, use them as a psychological tool, as a veritable treasure chest for personal development only; to offer professional creative services to business and industry; further your career as an artist, writer or journalist; teach your children how to use their in-built genius from an early age; solve professional problems in your chosen field of endeavour for glory, money or fun, or if you just want to enjoy finding out just what an AMAZING partner in life your own energy mind really is, the scope of the Genius Symbols is simply enormous.

And I would personally like to see more people - old and very young, and everyone in between!, men and women regardless of their upbringing and previous history - find the joy of understanding themselves better, and making that all important bridge between the conscious mind and the energy mind, which honestly transforms one's life for the better, offers so many opportunities that simply were not there before, and at the end of the day bring JOY into people's lives.

If you would like to become a certified Sidereus Genius Symbol Reader and Teacher, I'd be delighted to work with you.

Go here to sign up for the course:

With best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann

April 2010

"Project Sanctuary is your own personal Stargate to all the Universe has to offer! I knew it was there, but Project Sanctuary helped me find it, find myself." Β Jeremy Cush

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