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The Gift At The International EmoTrance Conference

The Gift At The International EmoTrance Conference

It's true - basic EmoTrance has a strict NO METAPHOR! rule to keep people focused on the real feelings in their bodies and so they don't drift off into illusion and make belief when working with energy and emotion. But once the 6th sense (the feelings in the body that do not have a physical origin) has come online, we have the benchmark and can tell what's real - because we can FEEL it.

With the International EmoTrance conference being open to EmoTrance practitioners and above, and as a special keynote presentation for EmoTrance's 10th birthday celebrations, Silvia Hartmann is bringing The Gift of Project Sanctuary to proceedings.

This is absolutely an evolution of modern energy work into an extraordinary space of energy healing on so many different levels.

From allowing any hands on energy healer far more precise control over what kind of energies they want to broadcast to bringing in nutritional, inspirational and transformational healing energy forms, custom made for the individual client by the practitioner, and the extraordinary process of co-creating energy forms and energy events with the client in the classic EmoTrance "client practitioner dance," there is so much to be explored here, it is veritably mindboggling.

The Project Sanctuary logo is that of a flying dragon; with the advent of The Gift to advanced EmoTrance, we have a whole new energy healing modality that is more than the sum of its parts.

The Gift - Keynote Presentation by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EmoTrance AND Project Sanctuary at the 10th Anniversary EmoTrance Conference:

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