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The Child, The Tarot Reader & The Sceptic

The Child, The Tarot Reader & The Sceptic

The Mission: Introduce 3 others (real life people, clients or not) to the Genius Symbols. Show them the symbols and let the rest take care of itself as the process unfolds. Write a report on each occasion and your conclusions overall at the end.

I wasn't sure to whom I would show and introduce the Genius Symbols to and so I asked the universe to send me three people for whom it would be very obvious. Within a couple of weeks, I had my three. It was really quite cool ...

The Genius Symbols & An Imaginative Child

The first person was a friend's niece who came to visit us here on the farm. She is 11 years old and is very, very creative. She says she either wants to be a dancer or a writer when she grows up. She knows that I do readings and she came into my study and asked whether I always use cards or whether I sometimes use other things to read by.

Bingo - there was my sign!

I decided to show her my symbols. Before I could even begin to tell her how to use them, she was already selecting her favourites and telling me about them. It was so charming!

After she went through her telling me about them, we walked through the meanings. She could immediately see the symbols and understand what they stood for. And I didn't have to tell her about telling the stories because as she picked them up, the story seemed to just flow from her.

Eventually we got her into a structure and we told stories about what school was going to be like, where she was going to live, etc. We didn't call them readings. We referred to them as just playing games. The stories she came out with were highly symbolic, deceptively simple and always very pertinent.

During her stay, we went down to the beach to gather some pebbles on the shore and made her own deck. Since returning home, I have heard through the grapevine that she's already coming up with the plotlines for future novels.

Not bad for an 11 year old!


The Genius Symbols & The Tarot Reader Who Lost Their Mojo

After that a friend of mine who reads for people in America contacted me.

We had been out of touch and she just picked up the phone and rang out of the blue for no reason at all - or so she thought.

She told me she was getting bored with her Tarot cards. She had moved on to Angel cards and from there to Oracle cards, etc. She said that it was as if the magic had gone out of reading and that she was thinking about giving it up altogether.

As soon as I heard that then I knew I had my second person!

I started out by giving her a reading about her perfect habitat or Sanctuary - somewhere where she could go to get her mojo (as she called it) back.

She loved it so much she actually squealed!

I taught her the symbols and being a highly intuitive and in-tune kind of woman, she knew them almost instantly. She loved the classic game, which she took to again instantly. She gave me readings which were excellent and she couldn't believe that she didn't have to buy yet another deck. She had made her own decks in the past but they were just copies of other standard Tarot decks.

This time she felt she had something much closer to the "source". She's now reading almost exclusively from the Genius Symbols. But what she does is she uses all of her Tarot card layouts with them.

So it was really beautiful that she came back into my life when I need to share the symbols with someone and she needed something to reignite her passion for doing readings!


The Genius Symbols & The Sceptic

Now the third person was an old friend who came to me looking for guidance and inspiration.

He considers himself a sceptic, verging non-believer in all this "energy stuff".

He is very intuitive and at one time wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards but couldn't manage to memorise all the meanings, much less wrestle with reversed cards. And of late he has been swayed by all the writings of Richard Dawkins. (What's brilliant about living in Spain is that I completely miss so much crap that is apparently going on in Britain! But that's an aside.)

He had come over for a visit to de-stress. I never read for him because he thinks that whatever comes through is coming through because we've been friends for so long.

So, I just decided to teach him a new game that I had.

We pulled out the Genius Symbols and I explained very briefly how they work and what each symbol stood for. Then I asked him to play a classic game with a contract to tell him about the perfect job environment for him.

Up until this point, while being a bright individual, he would always shrug his shoulders with an "I don't know" response to this question. It was so funnybecause once he got going it was difficult to shut him up. So much was coming through and coming out through his use of the symbols. He doesn't consider it that he's reading for himself or that he's even dealing with energy. He just uses them to help him to express what's going on inside.

He has also started to use them to generate ideas for sitcoms. He dabbles with writing scripts for submission to the BBC and he tells me that the symbols have been very good at generating plots/setups for him.

Watch this space as the Genius Symbols could someday get a credit on the BBC!


Sharing The Symbols With Others - The Assessment

When I came to this exercise, I have to admit that avoided this for a bit because I thought of it as more "teaching" than "showing".

I got myself worked up thinking that I would have to have a script and know my spiel by heart.

But then due to time constraints I decided to wing it when each of these people came into my life.

What I found was that I didn't have to do much explaining at all.

For the most part, I simply had to give clues about the symbols.

The imagery on them is fundamentally archetypal and so it's as if we have most, if not all, in our collective unconscious.

The classic game takes just a few minutes to explain and away we go. It was so much easier than I had expected. Phew! :-)

But what I liked most of all is that I was able to accomplish this part of my assignment by sharing something that empowered and in so many ways improved the lives of some good friends.

It's very nice to have that kind of win-win situation in life!


Shared with permission from Alan Bridges:


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