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The Best Book On Genius Just Got Even Better

The Best Book On Genius Just Got Even Better

The completely revised and updated new 2nd Edition of the bestselling The Genius Symbols has just been published.

Read this interview with Silvia Hartmann to find out what's new and different, and how the best book on Genius just got even better ...

The Genius Symbols 2nd Edition:

Interview with Silvia Hartmann

What made you decide to start work on the 2nd Edition of The Genius Symbols?

The original Genius Symbols date back to 2007, with the book being finished in 2008. At the time, we knew that the Genius Symbols worked really well to let people receive pure energy mind generated visions, which is the basis for visionary genius of course.

What we didn't know was that the Genius Symbols themselves could teach us other applications for visions and vision streaming. This became apparent in the research group working with Events Psychology and was a major breakthrough.

Simply put, once something has been experienced, it becomes intrapersonal data, and it doesn't matter if it is a memory, a false memory, a vision, a hallucination or even a vividly experienced movie in the cinema. It's all data from thereon in, and what we found was that the energy mind communicates using all of that data, including memories.

Could you explain what that means exactly?

I don't know if you are familiar with Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. This is a clever detective lady who has lived in a little village all her life and solves crimes by being reminded of events that have happened in her village. So, she sees a woman she's never met before, and is reminded of a woman who lived in her village and who cheated on her husband. This is how she knows instantly - her energy mind told her in a flash vision. The energy mind used an existing memory to tell her something very important about a current situation she needed to know.

We found that the energy mind uses memories as a unique and personal dictionary of communication as well as construct visions for special purposes.

This had a lot of extra uses, not just for therapy, business therapy, coaching and counselling.

What other extra uses are we talking of here?

Well, one major use is to be able to draw upon one's own life experiences in a moment of crisis. Take business and marketing as an example. There are a lot of people out there who have trained in it and practiced it all their lives, but then something happens and they literally don't remember any longer what they've learned, feel all helpless and don't know what to do.

The fact is that they do know what to do, and their energy mind can flash them up a memory based vision of the right thing to do under the circumstances.

Memory flashes are also extremely useful in all kinds of trouble shooting. I was talking to a business man the other day and was able to get him to flash up the exact moment when things started to go wrong - he'd been abused by a customer and lost heart. The instant he realised what had happened, it all made sense and essentially the problem was solved at that moment.

So really what we found was that the energy mind communicates practically and helpfully, using a mix of memory data and visions once it gets going, and that was of course very exciting.

It also allowed us to create all kinds of simple, practical, inspirational warm up techniques and exercises I was keen to include in the 2nd edition.

Can you give an example of an inspirational warm up exercise?

Yes, certainly. You can do this with a group of people or by yourself, it works equally well. Get the symbols out and make a contract, I want one success memory per symbol. You hold the symbol, look at it, and a success memory comes to mind. You do that 23 times, getting different types and kinds of success memories stimulated by the different symbols, and that gives you a whole new take on the meaning of success, and your ability to achieve success.

The symbols give you a different point of view each, so we're not just talking about sports success, business success, relationships success, learning success and so forth in isolation any longer, but about the experience of success across the board. This makes you feel good, the exercise opens up the channels and is good practice for then going on to ask for something truly visionary later on.

Adding memories to the visionary data we are "mining" gives you a whole new take on how much you know, and a chance to make use of your life's experiences, no matter what they were, like Miss Marple did to become such an outstanding detective.

Being able to reliably access one's own life's wisdom makes that idea that "you have all the resources you need already inside ..." come to life, and that really changes one's self concept and confidence too.

What other improvements did you make?

I've learned a lot in the past three years about how people learn and interact with the symbols. This came from public demonstrations with literally people off the street, research people, and the Distance Learning students for the intensive course. With this experience, I could go through each chapter of the book and add tips and helpful hints which had come to light, and also lots of different simple things to do that are useful, motivational, inspirational and that help build that all important communication bridge between the conscious mind and the energy mind.

We found a lot of new applications along the way, from remote viewing to working with the energy of the symbols by themselves, or in the symbol sphere in an EMO way, as well as lots of different new games to play that happened spontaneously and were reported by symbol readers from Germany to Kenia, via Brazil, Japan, Australia and Alaska. I also added to the Questions & Answers section so that's really comprehensive now.

I'm personally very happy with the 2nd Edition which has become even better with the help of the feedback I've received from the First Edition.

Anybody wondering if they want to spend the money on it, just play one single game and ask for 23 ways to earn more money, and then 23 ways to save more money, and they are going to be in profit just with that!

We knew that The Genius Symbols really work for people across the board - and now it's even easier and with so many more useful applications, so there's no excuse to not have as many good ideas of your own as you'd ever want!

The first edition received excellent reviews, so this new edition is even better value?


Whether you want to create your own inspirational bedtime stories for your children, write sizzling marketing copy, get new ideas how to improve your personal life or your business success, invent new products and services, mine your memories, or use the Genius Symbols for healing, therapy or psychic development, you really have a great tool set here that grows with you and on which you can always rely.

And may I add that the owners of the first edition ebook get a free upgrade so they don't have to buy the book again, and owners of the hard copy get a discount if they bought the book from DragonRising directly. It's great to be able to do that and to keep the users up to date with the latest research and findings.

Anything else you'd like to add?

LOL - just to say that life without your energy mind helping you out is unnecessarily hard. When your own energy mind starts sending you essential information, warnings, ideas, inspirations, life gets better across the board, and The Genius Symbols are perfect to make that happen for anyone who wants it.

I can't wait to see other people's good ideas coming into action because that will help us all, especially in the long run.

Thank you for your time, Dr Hartmann.

The Genius Symbols 2nd Edition is available from and all good bookstores, online and off.


The Genius Symbols, New & Revised Second Edition by Silvia Hartmann

The Genius Symbols 2nd Edition


* If you have bought the ebook version of The Genius Symbols Original First Edition from DragonRising, the NEW edition is already in your downloads library free of charge.

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