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Susan & The Wicked Witch

Susan found, to her horror, that an ugly, demonic witch woman had appeared and had started to shrivel plants, make birds drop from the sky, just the usual kind of evil stuff you'd rightfully expect such a character to perpetrate.

This, however, completely freaked Susan out, because she was really heavily into the what I call "dancing bunny rabbit" scene of personal development - where angels are fluffy pink things, everyone floats about in a enlightened fashion all day long, and the sky is a consistent and never changing powder puff blue.

You can imagine that a giant evil black witch would sit rather awkwardly in such a representation! She was on the phone to me, nearly hysterical, but I calmed her and asked her to do something to stabilise the situation for the time being (because a state of advanced hysteria is not the best state from which to make good decisions, I thought). She brought out a host of angelic beings, incarcerating the witch in a cage of energy, and heaved a big sigh of relief.

"I can take it from here," she said, and I thought that would be the end of it.

But not so. Apparently, she had instructed the angelic host to destroy the witch, using the energy beams like lasers, but what had happened instead was that the witch had fed on it and grown to ten times the size she had been before. Now, in spite of calling in re-inforcements in the form of just about every self she could lay her hands on and every single guide, and all her friends and their guides, the witch was about to break free from the energy cage.


At the time, and thus put on the spot, I was a bit at a loss at what to advise, at which point I then go inside and seek guidance from my own metaphorical friends. After all, it's their domain, and they would know what to do.

The resolution proved to be very simple indeed. The witch was a creature of negativity. It fed on and thrived on negativity. The only way to overcome the problem was through unconditional love.

Pretty obvious, really.

Love is much stronger than negativity, it's just a bit of a human reflex to want to fight fire with fire instead.

And so, the assembled forces were instructed to find whatever love they had within them and to send it to the witch - which proved to be a lot easier for the angelic host and the guides than for the humans present, but still, they did what they could. And lo! and behold, the witch shrunk, and shrunk, until it was just a sad and pathetic old woman, and then changed from black to white and simply dissolved in a rainbow shower of light.

Mission accomplished!

Apparently, there was much celebrating amongst the assembled crew and a party was enjoyed by all - and especially by Susan.

This particular crisis and its resolution had a remarkable real life side effect on Susan - she used to suffer from migraines ever since she'd been a child, and in spite of having any known form of treatment under the sun, nothing had shifted it. But since the witch dissolved, she hasn't even had a mild headache - and as I write this, it's been over 2 years.


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