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Sensions Produce Sensational Sensations!

by Silvia Hartmann

Sensions Produce Sensational Sensations!

Introducing the new word, SENSION, to describe the act of taking in information through all 6 senses simultaneously for a more reality based approach to everything.

Ladies, gentlemen and all others, please let me introduce you to a new word:


And here is the first ever definition, which you will not find in any dictionary of this day, and read right here for the first time:

noun sen·sion \ˈsen-zhən\

1. The experience of all senses at the same time.
2. The experience of all senses in the Otherworld.

Example: "Last night, I had a sension. I stood on a high mountain top and sensed the land below."

He was a sensionary leader.
She was a sensionary thinker.
It is the sension of a better world that guides our advertising.
He was able to sensionalise the entire production process from start to finish.
It was their shared sension which produced the agreement in the end.
He was gifted with high sensional abilities.
We can ensension what he tried to describe.
She went on a sension quest.

First known use of sension:

February 27th, 2016
originated by Silvia Hartmann


Why Do We Need A New Word Like Sension?

There is a profound and extremely heavily weighted language tradition around the concept of "vision" and "seeing."

The visual representation system is vastly over-prioritized in human language.

This serves to direct attention (conscious attention) to the visual sense in preference all the time, and reduces the input from the other main 6 senses.

In order to "make sense" of reality (which includes physical reality as well as non-physical reality or Otherworld for short) we need as much data coming into our processing systems as possible.

There are (at least) 6 senses which can provide information about reality absolute; by "focusing" (which is another "seeing word"!) too much on one sense, that of vision, we structurally impede and even exclude important data.

This has dire effects on those who find the visual representation systems difficult to cope with, as they are excluded from many activities and experiences by this prejudice.

The failure to be able to "IMAGEine" things, visualise abstract concepts and create visual constructs leads invariably to bad marks at school and a funnelling off of good people into menial tasks.

By paying more balanced attention to all the senses, with a desire to bring all 6 basic senses online together, far more human potential becomes unlocked.

The grand preference for the visual representation system however doesn't serve those who are very good at visualising either.

Visions in the old fashioned sense are not simply pictures - far from it.

Like any important and transformational experience, those "visions" are in fact, multi-sensory experiences, exactly like lucid dreams that provide information through all 6 senses.

By concentrating on visual information, a "hypervisual" person loses contact with reality and easily drifts off into total fantasy that has no relationship left to what's really happening on any level of any world they find themselves in.

A hypervisual who becomes detached from actual reality then goes on to create reality deficient maps and systems - and these are taught to those who can't visualise very well and are therefore, in no position to pick up on the "wrongness" in what they are being presented with.

The conscious mind, which has learned language and uses words and concepts to construct a map of what is real, and what is possible within this context, needs the right words to direct attention correctly.

It's really as simple as that.

We need to stop directing attention to the visual channels all the time, and widen out the bandwidth of information that is being taken in and received.

Using the word "sense" as a base to break the habit of over-weighing the importance of "seeing something" makes every sense in the world.

It is far safer as a general instruction to say to a person who is about to cross the road, "What can you sense here?" rather than to ask, "What can you see?"

A fast modern electric car coming around a bend might not be visible; it might not be heard, either. With all 6 senses expanding to bring in the maximum amount of data from the environment, there is a chance that we may sense its approach.

In the meantime, the practice of receiving as much information as possible from the environment, be it in physical reality or in the Otherworld, is a good idea.

It is as simple as to stop and run the following pattern once or twice a day, until it becomes smooth and automatic.

I am here.

What can I see?
What can I hear?
What can I feel?
What can I taste?
What can I scent?
What can I sense?

In conjunction with EMO Energy In Motion, this will help to provide not only more information in this one instance, but over time, will considerably improve the amount of information being received and handled.

This in turn leads to a far more reality based modelling of reality itself - and that is life saving, handy, precious and always, very exciting.

Silvia Hartmann
February 27th, 2016

Sension Illustration

  by Silvia Hartmann
"Traveling from star to star, exploring the mysteries of the deepest oceans, magical market places, worlds upon worlds all from the comfort of your own favourite chair; that’s Project Sanctuary." Will Taylor

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