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by Silvia Hartmann


Flash into someone else's world for a moment ...

I never forget that moment when I first saw a runa.
There was a resonance in the ground; small as I was, I could feel it, could feel the sand under my feet move and I held on tighter to my father's hand.
And then it came.
It was enormous. It was enormous at the distance but with every step it took, it grew even bigger; and by the time it passed by us, it was like all the world, it was everything, there was nothing else besides.
I remember becoming aware that my father's hand was grasping mine so tight, it hurt, realising that he was afraid of the runa, the first time ever I had known this to be so, and also realising that I was not afraid.
I was not afraid of the runa.
I was in love.
I was in worship.
I would never want anything other, ever again.
I would ride a runa when I grew up.
Runa walking by a father and his son
  by Silvia Hartmann
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