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PSI Side Effects From Playing Project Sanctuary

PSI Side Effects From Playing Project Sanctuary

John S writes: One of the advertised side-effects of Project Sanctuary is increased Psi (also known as psionics, ESP, psychic phenomena, and other terms).

I have noticed an increase in my own since playing PS. I had become aware of some psi ability before PS--mostly in empathy/telepathy/claircognition (knowing). The empathy/telepathy was only manifest with certain close individuals.

Since playing PS, I have seen an increase. In PS, I have these same abilities, but much stronger. I am able to develop an empathic/telepathic bond quickly and it is quite controllable. I also have the claircognition--I know things that I can't account for by direct experience. I just know them when I set my attention on them (both in PS and in the Hard).

In the Hard, I am starting to know what someone is going to say seconds before they say it. I also seem to be projecting my thoughts/ideas to certain people so that they are not surprised by my words.

About 80 percent of the time, now, I "know" what our cats are wanting--whether it is to go out, come in, be petted, be ignored or some other thing. It is such that my family has started looking to me to translate "cat" for them. I have never been very good with cats, but since playing PS, I "have an intuition" about these cats. And I don't have a single cat in my Sanctuary.

I had a recent experience with one our cats. He was out roaming the fields and a storm was due in a couple of hours--thunder and drenching rain were being reported--not a good night out for man nor beast. My wife was quite concerned for the cat since we needed to go to bed but she didn't want to leave the cat out. Now the cats normally stay out at night and don't want to be in. So my wife went to the back door and called for the cat. No response. She decided to wait up for five more minutes to see if the cat would come in. I had no expectation of that. Nor did she, but she was rather distressed over the cat staying out overnight. I was already in bed. I decided to see if I could "call" the cat in. I lay in bed and tried to mentally connect with the cat. I sent out a "call" to the cat. I didn't really sense a response. Then I lay there and tried to "see" where the cat was and to project to it what was coming and why he should come in. As I did, I "saw" him in the field next door and I imagined him being pelted with hard, cold rain. And I thought of the house, dry and warm. Then I imagined him running hard across the fields and up to back door. About a minute later, I heard the back door open and close. My wife came to bed telling me that the cat was in. She said she was standing at the door looking out and the cat suddenly came running across the yard from the field I had "seen", running straight up to the door as if it was trying to get away from the storm that was coming.

Just today I had an incident with our dog. My wife put down a plate of breakfast leftovers in the kitchen and called the dog. As she did, I saw/felt him NOT touching it. I don't know why.

While we don't normally allow him to eat inside, we have on occasion. He came over, looked at me, bent down to sniff the food, then backed away like he was in trouble. I immediately felt that I had transmitted a prohibition to him. (Now mind you, he is trained to my wife, not to me. I am in a distant second to her.) I tried to clear my mind and signal that it was okay to eat the food. He went back to it, but was still reluctant. I noticed that I was having mixed signals in my mind/feelings. My wife picked up the plate and carried outside where he gladly took it. Did I transmit to him or was I picking up his signals? I don't know. But some sort of communication was going on.

These are just a few of the increasing incidents that are starting to happen with such regularity that I am beginning to simply accept them and not notice them as unusual. I attribute this increase to playing PS since I have done nothing else to cultivate this ability.

Contributed by John S.

"Project Sanctuary is simply incredible and a joy to use." Trev Holloway

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