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Project Sanctuary To The Rescue! - Energist Case Story

by Maryke Blom

Project Sanctuary To The Rescue! - Energist Case Story

In this energist case story, South African GoE Trainer Maryke Blom uses Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary and Positive EFT to help a challenging young boy and his aspects. 

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When my client’s mother contacted me about her son (named James for the sake of this article) I could hear the desperation and frustration in her voice. I felt that I absolutely understood what her son was going through.

He was being bullied at school by teachers and children alike, he was diagnosed with ADHD, depression and anxiety. The psychologist had put James on 36mg of anti-depressants and 36mg of anti anxiety medications. The psychologist also said he was manic depressive and would later in life try to kill himself.

His mother proceeded to tell me that their late son was only two years old when he had passed away, he had Prader-Willi Syndrome, a complex genetic disorder. James had been sticking to his baby brother’s side and had become so close to him.

His mother told me that at that stage James was five years old and he loved his baby brother with all his heart.

When his baby brother passed away, this shook him up completely. At night he would open the front door for his baby brother, so they could play together. The family decided to sell the house so he could get some form of closure.

When James went to school, he was in the class of a teacher who would slap him or give him severe hidings. He used to be a clever bright young boy before he was in that teacher’s class.

When the bullying started, his marks started dropping severely, his concentration was compromised and the bullying carried on from both the teacher, and then it spilled over to the other children.

The first session I had with James was two and a half hours long. I explained to him the work I do and what it does, he seemed very depressed, disheartened and timid. He was so quiet and refused to really be fully involved with the conversation. Everything was so incredibly one-sided.

Looking back I felt that I approached this in the wrong manner. To start I tried doing some hypnosis with him as this is what his parents wanted. James was one of the few young people that did not respond to hypnosis, he was different. I was frustrated.

I then proceeded to teach him the de-stress protocol, he did it half heartedly. He would whine and complain that it “hurts my arms” and that “I'm getting tired”. He didn't want to do it.

James then out-right told me that nobody can help him and neither could I. He proceeded to say things along the line of "I'm dumb, I can't understand English. Can you do it in Afrikaans?” (his native language.) He kept using so many negative words and beliefs.

I kept gently guiding him, I kept smiling and encouraging him but at this point it was evident he didn't want help. He had made up his mind that I could not help. At this point I admit that my patience was wearing thin, but I refused to give up on James.

I decided to be truthful and open with him. I told him that I knew I could help him, but I needed him to work with me.

A little before our time was up, I showed James my Modern Energy Tapping chart, and told him that we can create magic. I was looking at the chart, hoping he would somehow chime in.

He proceeded to ask me what I was doing, I told him that I was looking for the perfect positive word for us. He asked if he could help me, I agreed. I said yes.

James quickly chose 'energy' so we tapped using Positive EFT on that. We got through three rounds and after that he had this massive smile on his face and he said that he had enjoyed that.

I honestly thought I was never going to see James and his mother again after the first session, which I thought had went so terribly wrong. I was gutted, I was upset.

About a month and a half later, I got another email from James' mother. He wanted to come see me again. I sat down and thought about his case, I thought about this case, and how I was going to help him, when something dawned on me. PROJECT SANCTUARY!


Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary


I had a feeling he would really get into this. He didn't need 'therapy', he had been in therapy for years. James needed to be helped, not rationalised to death! Before I have only once done a short PS session with someone else, and this was through my distance learning course. I messaged GoE Trainer's Kelly Burch and Sandra Hillawi, both of them gave me some great advice and helped me to bring this into the reality.

When it came time for our session, I could see that James was scared again. I told him that I am in no mood to work today, his face perked up and he looked hopeful. I then said said "I'm going to teach you a game today, we aren't going to do any therapy at all, we are going to have fun!”. He looked instantly happier and asked me if we were going to play ball, I told him nope, “this is magic!”

“We are going to make magic today, we are going to go on magic journeys and we are going to have so much fun!” James' face by then looked like it had been light up like Christmas tree. He was looking relieved and very happy.

I eyed my Positive EFT chart again, he asked me if we could use other words, I said of course. He chose 'holiday', so we tapped on 'holiday' and what it meant and how he felt.

James then decided to tap on swimming, and he was thoroughly relaxed and more calm by then. He was so pleased that he could choose the words for us. I told him “GREAT CHOICE!”

Then we started James' journey, got his habitat and everything else that was needed. We started saving one aspect after the other. We saved the aspects by giving them magic and love so that it was flowing from his head and his heart whilst he hugged them.

And so it went, eventually he had saved four aspects in total with the help of Project Sanctuary. We ended our session with him feeling wonderful and happy, a much improved James. When our session was over, we begun to chat some more. He willingly shared some interesting and funny stories with me and he really came out of his shell.

I quickly turned to sort out some documents, and the next moment I felt someone grabbing me and hugging me. James had gotten up and squeezed me tightly, thanking me for the session and saying it was fun. I was so happy and grateful at that moment.

I have to giggle, at the end he asked me how did he do in the session. I told him he got a 1000% out of 1000% and that I’m sorry I didn't have a gold star for him, because if I did, his entire face would be full of gold stars, that's how well he came along in that one session.

Needless to say I now have a supply of gold stars for James!



Maryke Blom is an GoE Trainer from Johannesburg, South Africa, who is experienced with Energy EFT and EMO, as well as NLP, hypnosis and Quatum Touch. To contact Maryke and find out more about the techniques she offers, head to her website:

  by Maryke Blom
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"Project Sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university." Helen McMillan

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