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Project Sanctuary - The End Of An Era?

Project Sanctuary - The End Of An Era?

Silvia Hartmann writes: "Yes, it is the end of an era.

"For the last 15 years, since 1993 in fact, we have been playing Project Sanctuary in a certain way. The way we were playing demanded focus, concentration and was in a way exclusively limited to those people who already had a strong and active ability to use and control fantasy.

"Project Sanctuary was definitely a "secret weapon", something you didn't tell other people about because it gave you a huge competitive advantage in work, life and play.

"That however is all coming to a close now with the advent of The Genius Symbols."

There is not a single doubt in my mind that the challenges and rewards of playing Project Sanctuary is the most comprehensive, most challenging and most intense intelligence enhancing process available to human beings - not just in the world today, but full stop.

Project Sanctuary, by nature incredibly complex and multi-faceted, as well as multi-layered, stretches the player into all dimensions. This is not just an intellectual exercise and an ongoing challenge to solve puzzles and achieve threshold shifts.

Playing Project Sanctuary is visceral, autogenic, emotional and challenges EVERY ASPECT of our skills, personality, knowledge, belief systems and mental fitness and agility in an ongoing spiral of evolution.

The better a player you become, the harder it gets and the higher are the rewards on offer - the Threshold Shifts that don't just change your mind, but actually and quite physically, change your life.

The original Project Sanctuary format demanded that the player should give focused attention to the data streams from the energy mind and interact with them in an immersive fashion. This wasn't the easiest thing in the world and caused many people to become frustrated and "drop out" of the game, or to conclude that it wasn't for them.

This exclusivity of Project Sanctuary was always a problem, but on one level I didn't mind that this was so, having spent some 33 years NEVER mentioning it to anyone at all and keeping it my personal secret; and on another level, of course I didn't know how playing Project Sanctuary would affect other people, and how they would respond to it, especially in the long term.

So I was very careful and kept it exclusive and under wraps for another 15 years; until the time came and I could see for myself what playing Project Sanctuary actually DOES for a person who learns to do it well.

This was caused by last year's PS23 project - I decided to create a course in co-operation with a variety of live students from many different walks of life, religious persuasions and nationalities to test just how far you can take someone with Project Sanctuary.

This course, the PS Master's Course, was a double eye opener.

It proved to me absolutely that human beings CAN learn to compute at a vastly improved level, increasing the complexity n-fold and handling MASSIVE amounts of data without the need to chop it up or compartmentalise it - an absolute pre-requisite for being able to work with the energy mind.

It also proved to me absolutely that you needed a great deal of determination and that to get overwhelmed and simply give up at some point was also a factor. Depending on what stance a student would take on failure - giving up and crying about it, or becoming more determined still and having another good go at it - they would either fail, or succeed.

It had NOTHING to do with their talents or abilities AT ALL.

Whether they made the grade or not was ONLY related to their belief systems.

I sat back and considered that I would prefer it if belief systems DID NOT EXCLUDE people from playing Project Sanctuary any longer.

It isn't a person's fault that they had traumatic experiences at school, bad teachers, shocking life experiences or totally unhelpful childhoods to become the kind of person they are.

One might argue that the worst afflicted by such things are those who need Project Sanctuary the most.

So I began to contemplate a way to make Project Sanctuary easier, more approachable, and more globally applicable to more people, and including children who I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE benefit from playing Project Sanctuary the most, having been one of them myself.

Of course, I engaged the co-operation of my own energy mind at some point and so The Genius Symbols were born.

Wonderfully simple, delightfully effective, resonant, and as infinite in their uses and benefits as Project Sanctuary itself.

Now, EVERYONE can play.

And that heralds the end of the exclusivity of the Project Sanctuary club - the "good old days" are officially over, and a new dawn has begun.

It's easy to get a little nostalgic about the fun and games we've had when there were only a handful of us who knew what Project Sanctuary was and what you could do with it.

But if you were a part of that, then don't be sad, just be glad and lucky to have been there. It was fun, and it was necessary to make sure that it was all safe and working for the benefit of the humans who use this amazing process.

Now the new is with us. From August 23rd, 2008, it's all systems "Go!" with the Genius Symbols.

Old players will soon be totally delighted by what new things they can do with the Genius Symbols and what further expansion there lies in store for them. I also believe that the original players will always play in a slightly different way to the newbies who will now come into this field.

But that's all as it is; we cannot yet know where The Genius Symbols will lead us.

I can only tell you that from the tests, the sky isn't the limit - we can't see one, no matter which direction we turn in.

It takes a bit of courage to embrace the New and step into it wholeheartedly, but the rewards for all concerned are absolutely, worth it.

Here's to the next 7 years!

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, The Genius Symbols

August 18th, 2008

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"Project Sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university." Helen McMillan

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