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A Healing Prayer For A Sick Animal

A Healing Prayer For A Sick Animal

Following many requests, here is "The Prayer For A Sick Animal". This healing prayer can be used by Christians as a Christian healing prayer for sick animals, but also by anyone who wants to use the power of prayer for healing.

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A Healing Prayer For A Sick Animal


Prayer Illustration for Prayer for a sick animal prayer


Oh Lord

who made the stars and the skies

all the worlds, in all times spent

and times to come,

hear my prayer.


Let thy spirit rise strongly

and enter into this being

that is yours

to raise it up

to lift it up

to bless it and to heal it

to awaken its spirit

so that it may live in your glory

so that it may live well

if this is your will

as all things are.


Oh lord,

there is great love for this being here

it brings joy and love into our hearts

we ask that you restore this being

in body, mind and spirit,

in love and everlasting glory,



Silvia Hartmann 2010



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