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Poem Misty Mornings

Poem Misty Mornings

To me, poems are a way to express oneself without having to look over the shoulder at ol' Granma grammar, without some teacher standing by with a rod to hit your knuckles if you says somming what they dunnot likes.

Freedom with words.

Do as you please, what you will; I sometimes do. Here's why I love Misty Mornings ...

Why I Love Misty Mornings

Most days, I wake up gently.

I slide gently from the dreamworld into the day, and I take care that it should be gentle.

And yet, most days I brace myself for the shock, not of the day itself, but what people have made of it, what I have made it into, what it means to start the day, the day's labour, the day's tasks, the daily routines ...

And sometimes, just sometimes, I open the curtains and outside there lies the misty morning.

Alien world, all is softened, sounds are silenced, houses may be castles in the mist and trees in gardens may be old and wise, protecting elder pools and wells where unseen, spirits play ...

I feel myself relaxing, melting, let myself be fine as mist and step into the day in a different way; a way of magic and of wonder, all can be achieved, all this can reveal themselves and misty mornings are the bridges into sunny days.

Silvia Hartmann March 2011

Poem illustration misty morning

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